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  1. With OBJ out for the year now, what do you think his upside is? Could be a good Buy Low.
  2. After playing Tight End roulette last week, I’m just glad to have him back in my lineup.
  3. Big fan of this. Especially because Robinson is getting some work in the passing game.
  4. I think Chark and Robinson are a bit much for Hill. The other two I would go with. Especially because Lindsay is looking better with Gordon’s situation.
  5. I agree on not taking the first trade.i think it’s a good offer. Sanders is a clear upgrade and Cooper had a pretty rough game until the end. If Dallas’ OLine is beat up, the passing game could struggle.
  6. I think so. TE is such a wasteland beyond a few, it is valuable to have a top 4 guy.
  7. I think that’s pretty fair. I own Robinson and am a little worried he won’t keep this up. The usage is great but a little worried on the offense. Waller is a target machine.
  8. I’d sit Fuller if it looks like Jaire Alexander is going to be on him. He’s been tough on WRs this year.
  9. Yea, getting Robby Anderson helps the WR. Plus, without BOB, Johnson May improve. I have Robinson and a little nervous the JAX offense is stalling a bit.
  10. I’d go for Waller. You will get a nice boost to your TE position for half the cost.
  11. I like the Kupp side. Your RBs are deep enough that you don’t need Gordon. Plus, he’s a bit of a wild card now.
  12. In PPR I’d say no, but getting the upgrade over Singetary is nice since you have Godwin to step in for Cooper. I’d do it since it’s non-PPR.
  13. I think your depth at RB makes this a good trade. Being .5 PPR helps Kupp’s value. Thanks for the help on mine.
  14. I’d grab Tannehill or Fitzmagic instead. Too big of a downgrade from Golladay and you might need Swift with the Sanders injury.
  15. I’d do this for sure. I’d maybe pause if it was 6 pt passing TDs, but still do it. Henry is a beast and Cam gets you points running/passing. help here please