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  1. How can anyone be this high on him after he broke down after 2 weeks in a limited roll and then re-aggravated his injury in week 3 and couldn’t even finish the game?
  2. Yeah I remember it and as a fan it was very upsetting to see it nullified due to holding where it really looked like legit blocking by Emanuel sanders. Please share clip if anyone has it
  3. Does anyone have the clip of the touchdown that was called back due to “holding” on Emanuel sanders?
  4. This needs to be re-tweeted a few thousand times. What a total Buffoon on those play calls.
  5. They literally just completed a 30 yard pass to him and had a rushing TD for him that was waived off by some clown in stripes. Are you on a delayed broadcast?
  6. I’m sorry but that’s a pretty ******** weak a** call to waive off that Chubb td.
  7. Not starting any chiefs RB in any RB2 or Flex spot.
  8. He would be an awesome Lamar Jackson lite.. if only I had just one more bench slot...
  9. Some analysts say Darrel Williams is the short term pickup and not darwin
  10. Guess what, all of those pages and pages of concerns that people are now boasting about Has nothing to do with the status quo. Reid signing his second son had nothing to do with Damien being a JAG. Damien getting hurt playing on a dirt baseball crap field has nothing to do with being a JAG.
  11. Ya'll should stop by the Damien Williams and Darwin Thompson threads to get all the analysis and fluff and speculation you need about bone bruises, contusions, JAG arguments and backups.