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  1. Thoughts on Isaiah Thomas? Have him on the wire in a 10 team league and haven't seen him mentioned on here.
  2. Not sure if this is the proper forum for this question, but I am looking for a new site to host my league this season. I've used cbssports in the past and it's both expensive, has poor customer service, and offers (in my opinion) not great flexibility in terms of scoring/line up options. Also, we've used weekly lineups in the past, but with all the players sitting out that seems like it doesn't work well any more. However, daily league is probably too much work for a lot of people in my league who don't have time to change lineups that often. Was hoping to find a league where you could change lineups say each Monday/Thursday or something like that to cut down on missed games but not to require daily lineup adjustments. Can anyone suggest a site that could accommodate that? Or just a better site than cbs would be nice although i know it's hard to get people to adjust to a new site even if it's free. Thanks for the help.
  3. Back to the off topic point, there also are big differences within roto depending on whether you have daily lineup changes or set lineups weekly. I have PG in a weekly league, and got one game from him this week which is a killer. Those are missed games I will never get back. I could have started someone like RoLo or Mitch Rob and at least gotten strong stats in fg% and blocks rather than just getting zeroes. But daily just takes up too much time at this stage in my life. That's a young man's format
  4. Ugh, I need his assists but he's incredibly annoying to own this season.
  5. People posting on twitter he's out two weeks minimum. Easily 4 weeks, and possibly months. No idea if that's true but doesn't sound great if so.
  6. That is why I'm trying to avoid FT% as well but I feel like FT made in an 8 cat league puts too much emphasis on scoring with 3 out of 8 categories (points, 3's, ft's made).
  7. I'm looking to shake up a few categories in an 8 cat roto league. Currently, we have the traditional categories but I'd like to get rid of free throw percentage. The question is what to replace it with. I'm not looking for another scoring category like free throws made and site is on cbs which doesn't allow for net free throws. I'd like to keep values between guard stats and big man stats the same as regular 8 cat. I was thinking of changing fg% to adjusted fg% but then I'd still need another category to replace fg%. Plus, the site doesn't actually break down stats so people can see their players' adjusted fg% unless I'm missing something. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
  8. Without looking it up his stats seems like they'll be awfully similar to Robin Lopez from a few years ago.
  9. Hey all - League has been around for over 10 years, but three teams have left so I have multiple openings. Scoring is a mix of total points with a playoff the last few weeks. No head to head. We use sportsline as the host site. If interested, please let me know. Thanks
  10. So what is wrong with Ariza? I saw he didn't come back in for the rest of the half. Is Prince Luc worth a pick up? And yes I also just picked up Chriss this week too dam it
  11. So are his stats going to any better than say Jarrett Jack?
  12. Not sure how on cbs he's not forward eligible since he's the starting SF. When do they update the position eligibility? Seems like they have very few multi-cat players this season.
  13. League is based out of New York and has been around well over 10 years. Online auction draft through sportsline. Looking for knowledgeable, active owners. If interested, let me know. Thanks!