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  1. Drop-Alberto,Nola,,Arcia,Bedrosian,Houser,Lorenzo,Estevez
  2. I like Santana a lot, I always have. Never thought he would have a year like 2019. I won't stick out my neck to far in 2020, I currently own him in a 16 team h2h dynasty league, he's currently penciled in as my starting 1B, I prefer he was my 4th OF, or back-up 2B or 1B, that said, I will be looking to upgrade at that position.
  3. He was a blessing for my team, until he got suspended, I'm hoping and praying he returns and pitches well.
  4. I'd make the trade in a heartbeat.
  5. As a Donaldson owner, I'm OK with his landing spot, I see him doing really well in Minnesota. Playing 3B, and able to DH once a week.
  6. 30 teams, the catcher position isn't a very deep position, I'd probably make the trade, wouldn't be thrilled about it, because with 30 team, pitching is worth it's weight in gold. If I had the pitching depth, I guess I'd feel better about it.
  7. I think the Nats have done a good job by adding young players to there 25 man roster the last few years, Soto, Robles, and now Kieboom this year, and Garcia next year. They has some pitching on the way, but need to develop even more like most team.The Rumors of THERE Demise Are Exaggerated
  8. If you were the GM, what moves would you, or could you have made to get younger this offseason?
  9. Long-Term prognosis ? Starter, reliever ?
  10. I have no problem with the list of none tendered players. Why pay 10, when you can get someone else for 5 ? It's not our place to tell teams how to spend there money, just my opinion.
  11. I hope so, could he also slot in a corner OF position?
  12. It's probably to early to tell, Tampa Bay like most teams are still making moves, but as of right now, I see lowe at 1B, Choi at DH, Lowe is a better defender, not great, but better than Choi in my opinion, Yoshitomo Tsutsugo to play mostly LF.