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  1. Nico Hoerner has the most upside, and he should beat out Kipnis for the starting 2B job.
  2. I'd do it. I see this as Glassnow for E.J. and Cain for Paxton.
  3. Last I heard he was being considered for the rotation, we are talking about Tampa Bay, that is subject to change. I don't think TB will totally get away from using openers, it has worked in the past, and has been a staple for them the last few years.
  4. Was given a chance, no one to blame but his self.
  5. I can comment on anything I wish to, your post, or anyone else. Don't try to bully me.
  6. Gore doesn't pitch for Detroit, the question was Garcia or Skubal.
  7. It could happen, wouldn't bank on it, but I have heard that some scouts think he might have a better career than Mize or Manning. Not sure I agree with that, but it is possible I guess, only time will tell.
  8. Keep Trout, you'll be happier long term, Acuna is very good, Trout is great, and has at least 5 more MVP type years ahead of him, in my opinion.
  9. What a astute evaluation, your input was invaluable.
  10. The whole world is wrong, and you are right ?
  11. Who are the 7 keepers you have decided on ?
  12. Alvarez and Ramirez in my opinion.
  13. Love me some Jose Ramirez, I'd be tempted though to go with Lux and Puk, I'm on the fence just like you, sorry