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  1. I don't see how a head coach can make the comments Arians made about Winston and then turn around and franchise tag (I know it's not Arians decision, but he's in the room when the decision is made). How can you say if I can win with Winston I can win with anyone, and then turnaround and give him 25 million?
  2. It looks like Boone is going to be the man, and even if he isn't, it would at worst be a timeshare with Mattison. I think I'd take the gamble and go with Boone based on Singletary's matchup. .
  3. Pretty much been rolling with my main starters all year, but picked up Perriman and Boone this week, mostly to block my opponent from getting them. Now with the long week, I'm debating if I should replace someone with them. I only need to start 1RB, so would you replace any of these guys with Boone or Perriman? Ezekiel Elliot Leonard Fournette Allen Robinson Jarvis Landry Keenan Allen
  4. I don't know if I'd call that a good game. He averaged 3.5 yards rushing and caught a few balls in garbage time. It turned out to be a productive fantasy night because of the touchdown, but that really had nothing to do with the opponent. Flacco was absolutely horrible last night. It looked like he was just throwing the ball away on most of his throws late in the game. It's hard for any running back to do anything when you're 3 and out for almost the entire 2nd half. I was happy for what Freeman gave me, but there was definitely an element of luck to it.
  5. How would shutting him down help them fix the defense and decide on a starting running back? You can fix the defense in the off-season and still try and win this season.
  6. Whether he is the 3 or 5 or 9 TE the rest of the way doesn't matter much to me. At the very least you have a top 12 TE that you can plug in there every week. For those that drafted him who have been playing the TE shuffle every week since week 1, that is a relief.
  7. This may be exactly what he needed. A prolonged break where he wasn't pushing himself to get back at the soonest possible instance. Let him get 100% healthy and then go out and ball and prove his worth. He has shown he can put up WR1 numbers with Dalton as the QB, so no reason to think he can't again when he gets back.
  8. I think the key word is typical. A 2 hour workout would probably suffice and I'm sure there is a lot to be left up to interpretation.
  9. It's not that he misses the hole, which to me would mean he isn't running in the right hole, but instead the hole is there for a split second, but closes before he can get there. It's entirely possible I'm misreading it, but I feel like there is yardage being left out there.
  10. As a Bears fan and someone who was really excited about this guy going into the year, I have to admit, I am just not seeing greatness out of this guy. While the line hasn't done a stellar job of blocking for him, there are usually 3 or 4 times a game where there looks to be a hole for him and he just doesn't have the speed to get to it. Those 3 or 4 runs could be the difference between a 40 yard rushing game and a 80+ rushing yard game. On the plus side, he is a patient runner (sometimes looks like L. Bell), he is hard to bring down, and he catches the ball well. While I'm rooting for him, so far I haven't seen anything that is giving me hope for a lot of upside.
  11. I think it's an incorrect statement to say that people think Kickers aren't important. The problem is, there is no real way to know what kicker is going to have a good year when you're in the draft. Generally, you want one on a good offense, but not too good or they'll only get extra points, but not too bad because they need to get into field goal range. Are they important to your team? Absolutely. Is the top scoring kicker for next week sitting on the waiver wire in your league? Possibly...but you have no real way of guessing.
  12. If you can do it, I'd say go for it. That offense is going to come to life at some point, and while I think Ingram will put up solid numbers all year, I think having a running QB is going to limit his upside.
  13. You're right. I don't really pay attention to top QBs ADP because I'm always the last person to take one. I just know I was in a few drafts where he was taken in the first round and I assumed with 6Pts per TD, that would escalate his value to top 5ish...looking now, I was wrong. So Zeke is more valuable than Mahomes, but not 2 starting RBs more valuable.
  14. In a redraft right now, Mahomes and Zeke would pretty much cancel each other out based on your drafting strategy (both potential top 5 picks). So it really becomes Wilson for Brieda and Ekelor. I'd pass. Maybe counter with Mahomes and Brieda.
  15. I wouldn't accept that trade as it's presented as it would almost certainly be vetoed. Counter with the guys you want and the guys you would wind up dropping and go from there. I probably wouldn't do that trade though...the best player is leaving your team.