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  1. Carmelo Anthony was dropped for Beasley and Kevin Huerter was dropped for Eric Paschall in my 10 team H2H league. No one picked up Juancho.
  2. I had two waiver adds left for this week in my 10 team H2H league and passed on Beasley and Paschall. Beasley got picked up last night, Paschall was this morning.
  3. Not much you can do, join another league next year.
  4. I have Favors and his value has dropped a lot since Zion came into the lineup. I personally would do this trade as Bryant has more upside.
  5. I get the Brogdon side. 10 Team 9 Cat - H2H Existing Roster G -Lonzo Ball, Lou Williams, D lo, Marcus Smart, Morant, Trae Young, Tomas Satoransky (Streamer spot) F - Giannis, Siakam, C - Jonas V, Derrick Favors, Montrezl Harrell, Capela, I would love to switch out Jonas V for Favors but Favors values is at its lowest right now so I doubt he'll go for it. I also was considering switching Jonas V for Capela since I'm worried about his health with the heel issue. My concern on the other side is I'm not a big fan of Brogdon due to his injury plague season right now and believe Morant has a higher ceiling. I also am trading 2 for 1 in blocks and that's usually my strongest category as I'm 10-4-0 right now. I'm second in my league right now; however I have lost to the first place team twice so am thinking about making a move as there's a good chance I'll face him in the playoffs at some point. Thank you.