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  1. Didn't I tell you he is a "Luckbox" F***** won it by 1 point with that last desperation play. Merry F***** Christmas to me. Ok that's it I am done. I will never log into RW again.
  2. Hi guys. I'm back. I have to post an update. When I last left here and vowed to quit for good, Markus Wheaton had just beat me with the last catch of MNF. I was 1-4 and I was done with it. The week after was even worse as I lose 180-140 and dropped to 1-5. But then a young rookie by the name Alvin Kamara stepped up to the plate and he along with Todd Gurley put me on a 7-game winning streak to get into the playoffs at 8-5. This includes scoring a record 234 points in Week 12 against the best team in the league (who scored almost 160). It's funny because I stopped caring and simultaneously started having fun because my team was hot. So in Week 1 of the playoffs, what happened? I lost by under 9. I had Kamara get hurt right away on TNF, Ertz was hurt and I grabbed Burton but chose to play Olsen who was held out the week before so he would be fine. Olsen gets hurt and gets a donut while Burton put up 2 TD. That was all before Russell Wilson threw 2 hail marys at the end of the Jacksonville game. Then on SNF, I was down 27 with Ben vs his Boswell. Of course Ben threw for over 500 yards but Boswell had a ton of FGs. Fast forward to the next 2 weeks and if I had won this game above...I would be the champion for the first time in my life. It was almost like the fantasy gods wanted to rub it in. I scored over 200 last week and Tod Gurley combined for almost 100 pts. over the last 2 weeks. Damnit. But almost like if there was a sacrifice, "Luckbox" is actually going to lose the Toilet Bowl. As long as the Eagles D doesn't get 21 pts. tomorrow night. If that happens then wow there is no hope.
  3. I'm back...just because I have to show you guys this. I lost 2 weeks in a row... On the very last play of Monday Night Football...Both the Chiefs TD off the lateral and Markus Wheaton...yes Markus Wheaton's first catch of the year on the final meaningless play. I didn't post last week because I was on vacation. Screenshots below to prove. Statistical anomalies to the max. No one can ever claim they have worse luck then me anymore. This is my final week playing fantasy football and this will now be my final post ever on Rotoworld. Week 4 Week 5
  4. Week 2 , 2017: Only made 1 lineup mistake. Nelson over Garcon IMO. Opponent lost David Johnson last week. Gets outbid for Kerwynn Williams. Plays Chris Thompson and gets 27 points on 6 touches. Delanie Walker gets a rushing TD. On SNF. Cobb gets a 30+ yard play called back which results in a Matt Ryan TD just before half (not to Julio). Cobb then gets a TD called back due to PI. He then leaves the game with an issue in prime garbage time. Then on MNF. Marshall is 2 yards away from a TD. Then he drops a 30+ yarder. Abdullah gets just enough with under 4 minutes left (all in rushing yards) and would have won me my game by a point. Okay guys I'm done. I'm seriously done. I'm not playing anymore. There is no point in playing anymore. This will be my final post on Rotoworld.
  5. If I don't get it... Only mistake I made was starting Garcon.
  6. I swear to God. If I don't win tommorrow... Down 7.5 with Marshall in a PPR. I had Cobb, Julio and Crosby down around 25. Cobb had a 30 yard pass taken away before half which turned into a Matt Ryan TD before half. Game gets out of hand so Crosby neutralized and then with the game script in my favor Cobb gets a TD called back by a PI and then gets hurt in garbage time. Then only 1 more catch to Julio, everything to Sanu, Gabriel and the backs in the 2nd half. Not to mention my opponent should of never been in this position but he gets a 27 point performance by Chris "6 touches" Thompson. Oh yeah also a RUSHING TD for Delanie Walker Just ridiculous. Also I could of started anyone else in my FLEX over Garcon. I know its vs Seattle but I didn't want to get cute with guys like Burkhead or J.J. Nelson but of course it would have already won me the game. Also Cam overthrowing a wide open McCaffrey in the end zone. If I lose again on MNF after all of the crap that has guys will clearly see the screenshot. I would be 2nd or 3rd in points after this week with the most PA and 0-2
  7. I think Miller looked decent. He's gonna have a hard time producing stats as long as defensive coordinators don't respect Watson's ability. Watson will need to start opening it up and making them pay for stacking the box on 3rd & short (ex. the play Pacman got a PI on Nuk by blatantly tripping him). After that he had a couple of nice runs to help close out the game and he's a great pass-catcher. I would expect numbers similar to last year but remember you payed 2nd or 3rd round value instead of the 1st round this year.
  8. I can't believe the Bengals are looking this bad on offense. Green looks awesome though. Texans took him away in the 2nd half and forced Dalton to throw to guys like Erickson. The 50-yard catch was beautiful and when he caught the ball, he never went down on first contact. He also had a couple screens thrown his way, one that got the yardage called back for a block in the back and the other turned into a sack because Watt jumped up in the path and forced Dalton to hold and then get sacked. Obviously it's not what you want out of your 1st round pick but his PPR scores of 12.4 and 11.7 won't kill you as long as the rest of your team is very balanced. He will pick it up soon.
  9. I need Diggs to get 3.8 or under in a PPR so yeah.
  10. Ways I've lost games in the last 2 years + Week 1: 2015 : (5-8) Record Week 1 - Had Eli Manning + 10 pt. lead vs Witten on SNF. I'm also a Giants fan. Lost the lead when Witten scored the TD with 5 minutes left. Then Eli marched Giants down and couldn't throw a TD, which would of put me back up. Then Witten scored again to win the game over my Giants. (Lost by 12) Week 3 - Up by 25 going into MNF. Opponent had Charles. Despite getting slaughtered by the Packers, he had 3 rushing TDs. Last one with under 2 minutes to go gave me the L. (Lost by 5) Week 4 - Had Megatron on MNF vs Seahawks. Needed to outscore Prater by 13. He fumbled the ball into the end zone to lose the game. (Lost by 6) Week 6 - Traded for Charles the week before and he tore his ACL. Week after I lost by 9 on SNF when Gronk caught a wide open TD vs Colts. Gronk was shutout in the first half and he only had 3 catches. Didn't expect to win but of course it had to string it out to the end. (Lost by 8) Week 9 - Scored 146 points. Didn't matter as Antonio Brown almost had a 300 yard game against the Raiders with 17 catches. (Lost by 5) Week 10 - F*** the Raiders. With under 2 minutes left all the Vikings had to do was run out the clock and get 1 first down. Raiders sell out and AP goes 80 yards for a TD. The points that play made: 8 for the yards. 6 for the TD and the 4 bonus points: 2 for breaking 200 yards (he had 203) and 2 for a 50+ TD. That's 18 points. (Lost by 17) I also lost my last 2 games by 7 and 8 points, respectively but by that time I was already out of it. 2016 : (4-9) Record Week 1 - Needed 6 F'in points from my kicker on SNF and what did Chandler Catanzaro do. Miss the game winner. (Lost by 3.3) Week 2 - Fairly straight forward game. Everyone did well on both sides except my defense and TE. I had Cooks, he had Snead. Snead got the TD. That was the difference. (Lost by 5.2) Week 4 - I had Julio Jones. He had 300 yards and 53 points. I scored 140 points. I lost. Opponent had 8 Total TD's including Allen Hurns' ridiculous London TD vs the Colts where he caught a 4 yard out and went 40 yards with like 5 missed Colts tackles. (Lost by 7.2) Week 7 - Played the worst team in the league that was 0-6. He had Ajayi on the bench the week before for his first 200 yard game. What are the odds he does it again? Yup. Also had his best week of the year and scored 170 points. He averaged 92 points over the first 6 weeks and I also put up 130. (Lost to a fluke) After that game I was 2-5. I finally caught a break the week after and won on SNF with Darren Sproles by 4 points but whoop-de-doo. I got destroyed the next 2 weeks and then lost in Week 11 and Week 12 by 5.6 and 4.7 points, respectively. And now Week 1, 2017: Up 33, going into SNF with Marshall vs Zeke + Shepard and my lead is now 4 points going into MNF and my opp. has Diggs. And I loved that he got that catch at the end. Such a big middle finger to me. There was also the play that Eli missed him where he probably had the chance to go all the way when the defender fell down. Why and how do I keep playing this method of torture called Fantasy Football?
  12. Damn that would piss me off. I mean at least the kid who drafted him is a good owner and wanted him. We had a casual player flip a coin for a pick. Heads for Blount, tails for was tails much to all of our chagrins.
  13. I wouldn't be too worried with Cooks. I mean Brady took shots and also in the end zone too where he got a PI call. Also the last shot, that defender just made a nice play or that could have been six too.
  14. Wow what a game. He shook off the fumble and looked amazing. Very patient too.
  15. Hunt went one pick before me in the 8th round. Our draft was the night after Ware got hurt but before they ruled him out for the year. When I made my list out, my note on Hunt was: "May be the league winner (like Jordan Howard) and huge sleeper as long as he doesn't keep flying up the board." Glad I was right in my gut but man stinks I don't have a part of that.