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  1. What an absolute let down. Love the kids personality and spirit-- but he just looks flat. Ankle? Probably an issue still. Play calling? Dog****. But I can't stand looking at his stats in the 3rd quarter - 12/30/0 "Saving" his day with a 20 yard run? C'mon. Have absolutely no confidence in him going forward, and that's scary.
  2. He’s the #8 WR in standard right now, and people are talking like the roof is on fire. what in gods name is going on in here? You guys need to relax.
  3. He's a must start even on 5-7 touches. There aren't 20 RBs I'd take over that.
  4. At a 6 week injury This has him missing games 4/5/6/7/8/9. Week 11 is their bye. I don’t imagine they’d bring him back week 10 if the bye gives them even more time to get him right. They can not afford to rush him back and re-injure him. This could become a chronic issue fast, especially with his style. Week 12? Yikes. Here’s hoping this was just them being overly cautious with their prized possession.
  5. The bigger issue here is, even if McCoy does get going-- that ankle...not great to see it already an issue.
  6. The only reason Williams got as much shine as he did, was because he knows the protections and playbook better. When that changes, it's obvious that the more talented player will win out in a Reid system.
  7. Yes. Indeed. That is how it works. Andy Reid will announce to the league, his competitors, exactly which running back he will begin to favor in terms of touches, which in no way would ever hinder their ability to catch anyone off guard, or limit their ability to plan against them. That's when you will know Shady will be the #1 back. This is correct information, and in no way full blown copium.
  8. This guy wants to be the next Jerry Rice. He knows he has to put up 1200 yard seasons as a FLOOR to even be in the same galaxy-- and I think that is what drives him. It drove him to be excellent, and it will drive him to perform when he steps on the field. Carr will be the only limitation-- and I think he's good enough to get him the ball. If he's late round 2, early 3? No doubt. Pull that trigger.
  9. I think it's comparable to what happened with Randy Moss in oakland. McCoy was out there dying for a team that sucked, and he's a player that, as bad as it sound-- quits. But Reid and this team will excite and keep him fresh. Look for a revitalized Shady-- on that team....even 70% of his skillset makes him a SCARY threat.
  10. This move has my spidey senses tingling. Shady has a nose for the endzone, and this offense will be in position to score quite a lot. Hope to land him somewhere at a steal.
  11. Here's hoping he signs soon-- I'm set on taking him 2nd overall. He's too steady on the field. I don't care about the headaches he causes off. Just play, and he's a stud. CMAC has a Cam Newton problem. Kamara might break out for 2k yards...but with zeke, I know what I'm getting, and that's what you want out of your early 1st rounder.
  12. 2018 is the year of my fantasy mortality realization. Forever, I had fooled myself into thinking that the outcome of a season was somehow in my hands. That If I could have just made one or two better picks, id have won it all. The truth is, after 15 years of playing fantasy, I’ve finally realized that it just doesn’t matter. There’s a futility to this hobby that exists in few others, where the best man rarely wins, and luck is paramount. Yet we invest so heavily into this game—why? 2018 marks the end of fantasy sports for me. Season-long especially. With injury and arrests and god knows what else is in store—it’s a fools endeavor to keep winning 9-10 games a season, only to be ousted in the playoffs by the 6 seed who’s defense went off for 30 points, while you’re stud running back disappears. Aye—good luck to you all who continue to ram your heads into this hobby. It has given me tons of fun, but now—I see that time is best spent on hobbies that reward you based on what you put into them.
  13. 17/56 this week. He has to come back to earth.