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  1. He scored 17 points in a game where they took their foot off the pedal before halftime. See...anyone can paint a narrative. He routinely smoked his assignment, and should've had another TD. Odell is still the same talent-- and when Baker isn't a dumpster fire-- he will produce. Your negativity is strange and probably deeply seeded in self-hatred. See someone about it.
  2. This is the coach we Jet fans deserve. If you stick around and support this franchise, you are absolutely dull between the brain. This man was fired from the worst team in football, and then goes on to sign two of the men who helped get him fired. Tannehill goes off to get a fat payday and looks born-again. Kenyan Drake is a top 10 back in the league... This man is toxic. Looks great in green.
  3. Starting over Will Fuller as my flex in a 10 Team League(IDP) league. I think that's about as comfortable as I'd be until he shows he has the capability to break a big gainer and score. Love the workload, and the talent.
  4. You are what you repeatedly do. As of this moment, Baker is inconsistent and inaccurate. 180 turnarounds are rare, but sure, it could happen. I just don't think this guy turns into Brett Favre 2.0. I don't know what Baker's path to success even looks like. He could possibly be a play action reliant game manager? That doesn't bode well for OBJ. We were sold on Baker being a gunslinging touchdown chaser....I don't see that happening. I would say the ceiling this year is another 1000/6.
  5. I’m high on obj, as he still looks like the same guy. im low on Mayfield—which leaves me half hard and confused. Starting OBJ every week, and hating it.
  6. A historically good WR shows up for 4 years. a hyped QB from college shows a flash of skill in a rookie season. people can’t imagine the QB being a bum, but are ready to write off 50+ games of OTHERWORLDLY ELITE PRODUCTION. It’s baker. He can’t throw a ******** football unless the WR is blown coverage open.
  7. Same story as last year. If you don't force the ball his way, you're making a mistake. He's an absolute nightmare to cover, and wins 50/50 balls at a 80/20 rate.
  8. Against a defense that gave up 7th fewest rushing yards last season, he looked very good. Colts D gave up 4.1YPC last season. We're .3 yards off for a player who has never played in an NFL game before. Not bad. It's hard to excite over a sub 4YPC, but there were several carries that had the look of a big gain, and those do eventually pop. I'm excited for the workload and the talent. Another tough matchup week 2, but this early in the year, it's nice to bank on workload. He'll get 15-20 carries, most weeks.
  9. Remember when Randy Moss went to Oakland for 2 years and had like 500 yards receiving in a season that one time? Well the next season he scored 23 touchdowns... A mega-talent doesn't just suddenly stop, especially @ age 27. Moss was 29 when he resurged with the Pats. Is Odell as good as Moss? No. No man is. But to say that he's not immensely talented at every measurable test you can give a WR--the call of him being washed up is coming far too soon. Where do all problematic diva WRs go for a career resurgence? Moss. Ochocinco. Josh Gordon. Antonio Brown...
  10. Watched the entire game, and you need look no farther than this breakdown: Baker had absolutely no clean pockets. When he did, he was not entirely accurate. Odell looked every bit fast and twitchy, and his hands have not faded. this is a situation issue. The line needs to get it together, and baker needs to throw a ******** clean ball. if Odell were on the Steelers, for example—he’d be a first round pick.
  11. Offensive line looked terrible. and he managed 8/112 This is about as ugly as you’ll likely see it get for this offense, and he still came through with a more than serviceable week. If this keeps up, he will offer you week winning potential, with a healthy floor.
  12. If you’re in a league with 3 WR, he has to be in someone’s lineup. If you only start 2, I’d say he’s a 90% “must start” if that makes any sense. Stills is no slouch and will keep teams honest.
  13. Evans out wouldn’t move the needle for Godwin, imo. He’s just as good a play with or without. He’s the volume target. Evans is the redzone/jumpballer