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  1. same here. If Denver runs every time, the clock is going to run out a lot quicker, thus creating less opportunities for the Saints.
  2. Not this week if more positive tests happen every day.
  3. More positive tests with the Ravens, Falcons and Browns. If the Ravens continue down this path (4th day in a row with a positive test) you have to wonder if this game is going to get postponed even further, and possibly to another week altogether. If that happens, you have to imagine the potential chaos it’ll cause as there are quite a few fantasy-relevant players on both teams.
  4. ... which is why I quoted you about how Brees “locks on” to him and proved that it doesn’t even matter because his stats with Brees, this year, have been terrible. If Taysom and MT connect for more than 51 yards, it’ll be a success. That’s how low the bar is.