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  1. Considering Allen had arguably the worst start by any QB all year last time against ATL, at least you can say it can only get better on Sunday. One of the higher posted totals of 47 on this week's card so sure it can be a shootout.
  2. He had a 55 yard run that's plenty long.
  3. Guess not what? The question was "who is in SF hurry up offense" to which I answered correctly. SF didn't "play from behind" all game which was the context of the question posed. Based on game flow and effectiveness Mostert took over carries in the 2H. This had nothing to do with anyone's "hurry up offense". But good start and enjoy patting yourself.
  4. I know volume is an issue but here’s a guy with 24 targets and 3tds over the past 4 games, a budding chemistry with Hodges, playing against an ari secondary who just allowed 350 or so yards to Goff in the first half last week. It’s beyond me who all the “rankings” have him so low this week.
  5. Just to point out, the Giants D hasn’t been anything close to generous agains the run over the past month since they acquired Leonard Williams.
  6. He’s scored a td in one game all year, he’s still banged up, and part of a committee with 4 capable backs Oh and he’s got @bal, @no next up Marginal value and an absolute prayer for a monster game.
  7. Wow that is horrible on so many levels. I've been bashing Haskins as having no chance in the NFL since I saw his first 2 games played but now I'm completely rooting for him to transcend that deplorable organization and become a success story. I'd love to smack those smug oline faces.
  8. The only problem with that is Miles has been pretty awful as a between the tackles runner this year to date.
  9. Howard isn’t playing. It’s a nerve issue.
  10. Howard isn’t playing. Ajayi isn’t all that good. This is our week, ladies and gentlemen. I’ve benched Sanders all stinking year and now I will allow him to peel off multiple tds for me.
  11. No not at all. Just putting out some perspective. You have a head coach fundamentally opposed to a lead back and a guy who was just signed with a little more than 1/4 season left. That lead back isn’t as good as Jordan Howard. If I was going to pick up JA I’d have done it 2 weeks ago when speculation began.
  12. He knows the system. He’s unemployed. Don’t let the former name of a guy who once had a good year make you think he’s winning leagues. I don’t see it much differently than the Saints signing Zenner when they had injury issues.
  13. It’s the injuries to the dline and also kwon A that are the bigger issue here. Sf won’t be able to control the ball as they would the first half of the year. we’re talking a FA wire pluck here so even the Breida roll is a worthy start for teams with all the rb bye week issues