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  1. The Rodney Dangerfield of WRs. No respect. Easy start.
  2. Baby TO going to eat. In my Top 3 WR in dynasty moving forward. DK and AJB will be talked about for a while both coming out of the same draft. DK's strength is his downfield ability where there are fewer defenders and can dominate the one on one. But like Tyreek, downfield opportunity is highly dependent on the ball placement ie: the QB. AJ dominates in the short to intermediate area, high probability plays where the majority of the game is decided. The underneath stuff is less reliant on a competent down field thrower. This makes him more compatible with average middle of the road QBs
  3. Bieber or Wheeler ROS in a Points, QS league? Thanks in advance!
  4. Solid Poster - Valuable asset..

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