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  1. Last gasp here, boys. If Haskins can't get it done post bye against a sub-par defense, our dream is dead. He's in my starting lineup one more time.
  2. Funny(sad). I am starting all three this weekend. I think I would put Tate as the top option in PPR, due to the target load and quality targets. Next would be a tossup between McLauren and Stills. Both could boom, but there is risk. I think I would go with the unquestioned #1 option on the team with McLauren, and hope for some garbage time catch-up points. Stills could have a great game, but he is probably just a deep threat at this point. Good luck!
  3. Todd Gurley (vs.CIN): CIN gives up 2nd most points to opposing RBs, health & workload concerns Chris Carson (vs.ATL): ATL is middle of the road in rushing D. Positive game script likely, 25+touches is likely Leonard Fournette (vs.NYJ): NYJ average against the run, but give up TDs - Fournette has one this year. 25+ touches is likely James Conner(vs. MIA): MIA gives up most points to RBs. Health and workload concerns.
  4. I literally have no other option but to start two WRs during a windy, rainy TNF game. Kill me please, my team is already dead.
  5. 1-Conner 3-Gurley 4-Fournette 5-Carson 8- MG3. Too much value.
  6. Ugh... What if he's my WR1 until AJGreen gets back? I F'd up, I think.
  7. These are the choices for my 4th WR to start this weekend: Montcreif (vs.NE) - Will Gillmore be shadowing him all game like he did last year? Though Montcreif did score a TD against Gillmore. Pettis (vs. TB) - Points are sure to be scored in this one, but what is Pettis' place in the target pecking order. Kittle dominated last year (with a different QB) and Goodwin was the main target during Garappolo's first run. Tyrell Williams(vs. DEN) - AB suspended for this one? Will that be good or bad for Tyrell? Might get a lot of targets, but the Denver pass rush is serious business, and he is perceived mainly as a deep threat. These are the choices for my RB, pick two of three: Gurley (vs. CAR) - How's that knee? That's about it, though CAR has a tough run D. Carson(vs.CIN) - SEA is projected to be a big favorite in this one, and Carson is sure to be the lead runner on a VERY heavy running team. Could be big. Fournette(vs.KC) - Fournette is said to be "in a better place" this year, whatever that means. KC could get a big lead and change the dynamic of the game, but he should still get plenty of run.
  8. I am thinking he will be a good start against the Chargers. As long as Kelvin doesn't steal the job (seems doubtful), he should be involved quite a bit with Hayward on Hill. Though, I have to start 4 wrs, so I have to dig a little deep.
  9. I saw that, but DJ Moore handled the return duties against SEA.
  10. Anyone have any insight on the KO return man for Carolina? It seems like when Samuel fumbled during the Steelers game, he was pulled for DJ. That would be a huge upgrade for me, and probably make me slot him in as my starting WR4.
  11. Jesus...I was talking about the TE Donnell that had just scored a couple TDs. Ugh.
  12. I remember that year, and I posted a ridiculous(literally worthy of ridicule) comment here that OBJ was nothing to worry about to Randle owners. I'll find it.
  13. I chickened out and played Njoku. I chickened out and still got a zero!
  14. No RB1(MGIII), no RB2(Conner), no WR1(D.Adams) and no TE(Gronk). I thought I was toast. Thank you John Brown and Emmanuel Sanders! (and Mahomes, I guess.)
  15. Did he limp off or was he pulled due to the score? Anyone see the injury?