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  1. I reckon you’d have to have been high to draft Zion 2nd round.
  2. This guy is frustrating to own. I never seem to book any of his big games. Seems like he’s always on a short week or is hobbled by a nagging injury.
  3. Performing at a mid 2nd round pick level over his past 10 games according to BBM.
  4. Think he ends the drought tonight? This dude is 0 and 28 all time in 28 games versus LeBron. Crazy.
  5. I think of him more as a poor man’s CJ McCollum.
  6. This guy still alive? Been nearly three weeks since any updates.
  7. How many spots of ADP do you think the scandal will cost Astros’ hitters? Hard to be overly bullish on any of them. Figure they’ll drop a few picks.
  8. Been showing some notable growth. Getting better every month.
  9. Having a bizarro season so far. Shooting 56% from the field on 14 attempts per game but only getting to the line 1.5 times per game. It’s unprecedented.
  10. Don’t forget he’s also the guy who was traded straight up for Kobe Bryant. Quite a life Vlade’s lived.
  11. @Johnnyapplebot Let’s be honest, were you enjoying a few drinks while watching the game last night?