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  1. Even if Cespedes opens the season getting the majority of the at-bats, I'll play the long game on Smith. Cespedes remains an injury waiting to happen.
  2. Thank god my league's weekly-lock roto league. We will crown a champion. P.S. It's actually a pretty good format.
  3. Statcast loves him: power, speed, contact...
  4. I guess he missed that rush of being an MLB pitcher in Canada. You can’t replicate that feeling anywhere else.
  5. Picked the wrong season to come to the States.
  6. @SportsBrain @Hanghow @axiom20XX You guys took my comments too literally lol. They were tongue in cheek.
  7. Yea the full-year line plays for sure. But if he books all his numbers in the first half — or even the first couple months — of the year do you have an obligation as a responsible fantasy manager to unload your shares?
  8. Rather have 100 innings of elite ratios from a SP than 190-200 IP of good ratios. My personal opinion.
  9. Whit played in 162 games last year as well. So it him every game to get to 20 steals and 100 runs / 70 RBI.
  10. Crazy that Beal ended up providing first round value this year any way you slice it. Didn’t even realize it really. 11th overall it total value in both 9-cat and TO-punt 10th overall on per game basis (9 and TO-punt) There were a lot of complaints about him during the year. Rotoworld analysts were very bearish and were advocating to sell off Beal most of the year. Have to admit I was strongly thinking of dumping my shares as well.
  11. I remember when I went all in Evan Longoria and Kris Bryant after superlative sophomore seasons... Spoiler: didn’t work out the greatest
  12. Timmy’s got quite the resume. Look, I know he’s a HOF but godamn look at these accomplishments. Didn’t realize he had this many... 5x NBA champion 3x Finals MVP 2x NBA MVP ROY 15x All-Star 10x All-NBA First Team, 3x Second Team, 3x Third 8x First Team All Defense, 7x second team All-Defense