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  1. In that case you're gambling on whether DJ will come back strong or not. I personally would drop Guice for Drake knowing that with Drake and DJ on your team you will have a good RB.
  2. It depends on your needs today. If you need an RB for the playoffs, I'd stick with DJ. If you need an RB now, I'd swap and see what is available later if Drake loses carries. Help with mine?
  3. Have a must win game coming up. Need to pick 3 of the following: Montgomery Drake Golladay Robinson, Please advise!
  4. Stafford is hurt this week. In week 12, Stafford is @ Washington and Baker Makefeld is playing Miami at home. Given that Stafford could still be hurt next week, I'm considering picking up Baker now in advance of next week. I need a fill-in for Mahomes. WHIR. Thank you!
  5. Tough call. I'd probably roll with Tyrell. Help with mine?
  6. I'd probably roll with Ridley in your situation. I'm in the same boat in a full PPR, my option is to start with Galladay or Mixon.
  7. Do you think Galladay will still have a good day with Stafford out?
  8. I'd probably roll with Moore. I have a similar problem with benching Galladay. Help with mine?