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  1. Well explained Sternes, I no longer own him as I abandoned ship 3 weeks ago. Had him in 1/3 leagues, didn’t draft but traded for in hopes he’d turn it around.. obviously that didn’t happen. Still don’t get why JD and TP aren’t on the field together. Why wouldn’t u want ur 2 best playmaking WRs in the game at the same time? ??‍♂️
  2. Matt Jones inactive today.. tempted to start Mack in flex
  3. Are ppl sleeping on this guy? I picked him up on FAAB for $22. I know I beat out another guy who bid $21. My other 2 leagues picked up as a FA. Mack passes the eye test for me. Yea he’s on my bench, just wanna see his involvement week 6
  4. Beat me to it.. picked him up yesterday as depth.. surprised he was available with the amount of injuries.... hoping for anything.
  5. Keep an eye on Gallman, Alex Collins, maybe Foreman?
  6. He’s benched until I see consecutive games where he’s involved in the offense
  7. Evan Engram or OJ Howard (possibly) if available are the only 2 off the top of my head. Unfortunately, their owned in my league. So I either stream or start MB til HH comes alive. Not pretty
  8. Seemed to catch a few passes at LOS.. few other short targets.. still I’m my League he is in a great offense and no one on WW better. Hopefully MB turns it around. Have HH on bench, his situation is more depressing..
  9. I’m holding out hope on HH as well. Prob is e1 is streaming TEs this year in my league.. hoping MB has a decent night tonight, again, I have no other choice.
  10. wow engram and cook are available? They were drafted in my league..
  11. 12 team and up def a hold. 10 team and under i can understand a drop although I’d prob hold a couple more weeks. new team, Rodgers, high powered offense and bonafided #1 TE on the team.. Other then the top 3TEs, man TEs are a wasteland. Who are ppl replacing on the WW? My top 3 are Hooper, Gates, ASJ ..