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  1. How did I forget Vlad...shame on me...Bonds DH, Vlad OF...peace Bagwell
  2. Montreal native but these are just my favorites all-time off the top of my head... Catcher - Pudge First Base - Frank Thomas Second Base - Vidro Third Base - Beltre Shortstop - Orlando Cabrera OF - Griffey - Bonds - Ichiro DH - Bagwell SP - Pedro, Lincecum, Darvish, Javiez Vazquez, Halladay RP - K-Rod, Urbina, Betances Manager - Felipe Alou
  3. Redraft: 1/10 (big money league, too!) and 10/12 (would've won the whole thing had I made the playoffs as Barkley, Winston and AJ Brown beasted the final three weeks). Keeper: 3/12 (only top 2 pays) Not a bad year at all. I actually had Saquon in all three leagues. Ekeler was probably my pick that paid off the most in my big money league.
  4. Tyrell a must-win matchup too.
  5. I benched both Golladay and Jones before the game...FML.
  6. I'm starting him this week as my other RB options also have bad matchups and he got me to where I am so hoping he gets a decent amount of touches this week even with all the Penny talk.
  7. This is pretty much my thoughts on this. Thanks for answering mine.
  8. Need to make my decision before TNF...Half-PPR, pick one to bench. Golladay at WAS Tyrell Williams at NYJ Tevin Coleman vs GB Lindsey at BUF Hilton at HOU WHIR, leave a link.
  9. Down by 19 and I got Keenan Allen and Travis Kelce going tonight. Just need them to be average but a TD from either would be welcomed!
  10. Thought I would regret starting Jameis for the fist time since week 1 and I did for a while there but he made up for it rather quickly!
  11. I forgot to bid on Agholor so I had to settle for JJ. Haven't seen him play but is it fair to expect him to have a shot at similar targets than Agholor if both DJ and Jeffery are ruled out?