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  1. I already own him in 2 of 3 leagues and waiting on a few injury updates in the other. I hope he goes bonkers on the 'boys! ROS schedule looks pretty good.
  2. So funny how opinions change so quickly. People claimed that if Cam was playing week 4 the Pats would've beaten KC but yet he's the ''worst player ever'' while having to throw to a bunch of s---y weapons that don't get any separation and a mess of an o-line. He was awful last week but it's not all on him. Wondering why people who call him the most overrated player ever are even in this thread, it's not like you would roster him if that's the case right?
  3. Need 2 points from ARobII half ppr. After losing by 1 pt last week I still don't feel confident.
  4. Yeah I'm firing up Perriman as I expect the Jets to play catch up most of the game.
  5. Down by 4, I got Butker going against Zuerlein. I don't like my chances...
  6. Any news about his recovery? Ertz set to miss multiple weeks and Sanders missing this week's game, I hope Reagor can make it back this week but they play on TNF and we haven't heard much about him.
  7. I'm guessing because he's coming back from an injury and Freeman likely gets some touches also. I'm more worried about the matchup but I guess I have to roll with Lindsay over James White since I expect the Pats to lead most of the game.
  8. Well it's on Rotoworld now, so I guess he is...
  9. It's unfair to compare him to Jefferson while he's injured. As an owner I'm hopeful as the Eagles are in dire need of weapons. The only thing that worries me is that by the time he's back Goedert, DJax and Jeffrey might all also be back.
  10. I have Kelce vs his Tyreek in half ppr and I'm losing by 5 pts. Please Bill make Tyreek your focus guy to shut down!
  11. I don't like the idea of trading CEH either. What about Cook?
  12. I wouldn't do it due to injuries to AJ and Godwin. Robby is too boom or bust to trust.
  13. Alright so I have to pick between these 3 not great options as a RB2 in my keeper league... Lindsay @ Jets Burkhead @ KC James White @ KC I'm leaning Lindsay but maybe you guys can convince me to pick either NE backs in what should be a high scoring game. WHIR, leave a link.