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  1. He's been hitting great since the allstar break. Too bad the Nats aren't.
  2. Dude was throwing 100 MPH with his sick nasty slider, the AAA Orioles had no chance.
  3. Harper was looking at a 300 mil contract, you can add another 50 mil on top of that. He puts people in seats and people watching. Trout should have done it. Trout vs Harper in the HR Derby would have been epic.
  4. Everyone hitting dingers, that's a plus.
  5. Who else do they have until Strasburg comes back?
  6. Orioles won, good, time for another losing streak.
  7. Sinker was 96-97 MPH today. He looked more like his old self.
  8. Mark Reynolds tonight: 5-5, 3 R, 2 HR, 10 RBI. WOW.
  9. Harper is such an Enigma. He's really good but stuff gets to him.