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  1. He met with the best concussion specialist in Pittsburgh...what could go wrong?
  2. Top notch if McCoy isn't punished. Should be a workhorse again. Gurley and OBJ are amazing picks. I believe in JG this year, just needs to get on the field. Very solid top to bottom. Good backups to boot. Thanks for the help on mine!! Good luck this year.
  3. What round for each keeper? I'd strongly lean Howard if equal. He's going to ball out this year! High floor, lots of goal line work. Good luck this year!
  4. I think you're solid across the board. Collins and Miller are going to have great floors. Olson looks nice in the preseason coming back. Julio and OBJ are great. May have swapped out Julio for best available RB at the turn. Good luck this year!
  5. I'd be inclined to make that trade. All 3 parts it can be argued you're getting the more valuable player. Love CMac this year. Wouldn't be shocked if Murray eats into Cooks GL work. Carson's role in Seattle looks secure fir now, but you never know with PC! Either way I like him over Garcon. Help with mine?
  6. I think you did great! 4 or 6 point touchdowns for QBs? Either way Rodgers is a nice pick!
  7. Notable keepers from other teams in the top 3 rounds. (Brown 1.03) (Elliott 1.07) (Johnson 1.10) (Adams 2.02) (Gurley 2.08) (Green 2.12) (Gronkowski 3.02) (Fitzgerald 3.09) (Kelce 3.11) Drafting at 1.08. Keepers are (Allen 2.04) (Fournette 3.08). Players likely available at 1.08 are Gordon, Hunt, Julio, Thomas, CMac with an outside chance of OBJ or Hopkins. With Fournette and Allen locked in, I feel comfortable going into the season, just need to hit on the first rounder. I'm very tempted to take McCaffrey here, but would be passing on other big names with big similar upside. What would you do? WHIR
  8. Interesting read on about Todd Haley's tendencies and impact on Browns position groups. As a life long Steeler fan his play calling has been both questionable and brilliant at times. Browns will likely be working with a negative or neutral game script the majority of the time. His tendencies shade pass heavy by a lot. There is a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball. Pittsburgh used Juju primarily in the slot but worked him outside as well, as Martavis role decreased. He averaged 5.5 targets per game, but ticked up as the season progressed . I'd expect Landry's numbers to be higher but not as high as in Miami where get was featured. Both Duke and Hyde can catch the ball out of the backfield. Njoku can stretch the seam. Coleman or Higgins or Janis or Callaway on the opposite side of JG. There's a lot to be excited about considering the volume. Gotta disregard Tyrods experience with the Bills, or at least put his tendencies in context with a new situation which is completely different. Worth noting Tyrods deep ball accuracy ranked 7th in 2017. There will be plenty in Haley's offense. Ben and AB have a connection like no one else in the game, so it's not realistic to assume the same target numbers and connection between JG and Tyrod or Baker. Over the last 5 years, AB has 858 targets, which is good for an average of171 per year. Gordon will be playing the X in Haley's offense. Expect a lot of bubble screens and slants, which will help inflate JGs targets and YAC, to go along with the deep ball where he is especially dangerous. I will not be so bold to expect the same volume between JG and Tyrod or Baker, but let's figure 140-160 targets. Ben and AB have an incredible connection, but it is also part scheme. If Gordon is healthy I believe he's in for an absolutely monster fantasy and real life season.
  9. I think you pull the trigger on the deal. Barkley is worth the price of admission. I'd send Olsen rather than JG. Nice keepers! Thank you for the help on mine! Good luck this year m8
  10. Thank you for the input! Still a tough decision. Ran through a scratch mock with expected keepers. Here's what I can up with. A. 1.12 - Bell 2.01 - Thomas/Allen/Adams/Green 3.12 - Diggs/Ertz/Cooper/DT 4.01 - See Above B. 1.12 - Thomas 2.01 - Allen/Green/Adams 3.12 - Fournette 4.01 - Diggs/Ertz/Cooper/DT
  11. I like Cook a lot this year with Cousins propensity to check down and Zimmer being so risk averse. Probably slightly ahead of Fournette in PPR but very close. Pending health for both. Knee and ankle. I like the stable of RBs in group A slightly better. Cook and Barkley close. NYGs oline is terrible. Comes down to Guice and Cohen both are unknowns. Guice showing pass catching chops in OTAs. Cohen has Nagy now instead of Fox which is exciting. Close to a wash. Thank you for responding to mine earlier
  12. Hello all! Draft season is almost here! I've been wrestling with keeping Bell at 1.12 or Fournette at 3.12 in a keep forever PPR league. Lifelong Steeler fan and have owned Bell for the past 3 years. Tough to let go! There is a good amount of value on both players. What would you do? WHIR! Thank you!
  13. Is TC worth a flex this Thursday against New Orleans? Targeted 6 times in the passing game last week vs Minnesota, which is a sizeable uptick from his games as the starter. Out snapped by Freeman 2-1, but the touches were about the same.