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  1. One week freebie. I’m expecting 10+ targets.
  2. Just gotta pray for Odell to take a slant to the house. Offense looks mediocre at best.
  3. His thought process is that he owns him already. Only logical explanation.
  4. He could have had another 3-4 steals Sunday 😂. Had a few balls he stripped/tipped go back to the knicks or off players legs out of bounds. He’s my new favorite player.
  5. Don’t worry he was playing pissed guys.
  6. This had Crowell/Zac Stacy written all over it. Avoided for a reason.
  7. Way to pick two of the best LBs ever. No one in the league compares to those guys
  8. Galloday finishes as the best WR on Detroit.
  9. Okay add for anyone who missed on Morris