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  1. Thanks for posting. If you read the article, it is pretty clear that the IR designation for ESB was basically a procedural dodge to avoid cutting him. They could have left him on the roster for one more day and then designated him for a return after 8 weeks. But they didn't, apparently prefering Lazard instead. Remember this is a Packers team that had essentially nothing at WR beyond Adams, and tried to play Adams on one leg.
  2. Maybe it was Mr. Brown trying to drum up some buzz for his NFL playing son.
  3. Then why did Lazard beat ESB out last year and get far more playing time?
  4. So you can have a below-replacement level veteran plugger if your supposed impact player taken in the third round goes down?
  5. I think he is saying they all have...unconventional names. ESB has that name because his father, a successful body builder, designed an entire program to make his sons into star athletes, names included. Father's last name is Brown. I am not aware of any Saint Brown in the catholic canon. The sons are basically the new Todd Marinoviches. I sincerely hope their story ends better than Marinovich's, but so far it is not looking good.
  6. Your ONLY concern is Gurley's health? I would say that is a pretty big concern. The Rams insisted for years that Gurley was perfectly fine, even though it was as plain as day that he was not. And then the Rams "inexplicably" released him. And now the Falcons have signed him but even Dimitroff himself has stated that the team does not know how healthy he is. But your only concern is his health. That's like saying the only concern with jumping off a cliff is the abrupt stop at the end of a fall. When is the earliest I would bite? 7th round and not a pick sooner.
  7. I tuned out when I heard that this kid was refusing to play special teams before he had ever played an NFL snap. ESB has done exactly nothing since to make me tune back in.
  8. Have we just discovered Tom Brady's secret real-life bio dad????
  9. Lifting weights is fantastic but I am more interested to see how the knee does when Gurley tries to run, cut, spin, jump, change direction, etc.
  10. Not even the Falcons know how healthy Todd Gurley currently is. Thomas Dimitroff said so himself last week. Does using a 3rd round pick on that seem like a good idea?
  11. If height and weight were the only factors to determine how effective a WR could be, Dorial Green-Beckham would be leading the league.
  12. Now we are comparing DJ Moore to Michael Thomas? Very different players. Thomas is much more physical and was able to outmuscle defenders and catch Bridgewater's wounded ducks for a short stretch. To say that means Bridgewater will be able to successfully barrage the much smaller DJ Moore over an entire season is an open question.
  13. DJ Moore is a very good receiver. Teddy Bridgewater is not a very good quarterback. Although it is mystifying to me how much love Bridgewater gets from NFL front offices and media, I suspect part of it is because of the inspirational comeback from the gruesome knee injury. Bridgewater has played, what, 7 games in the last four years? To me, he looked like an extremely cautious game manager with very limited physical tools last year even while going 5-0 for the Saints while Brees was hurt. And yet the fantasy community is acting like Bridgewater will be rock solid for the new Carolina offensive system. To me, it looks like a complete unknown for all Panthers players with the possible exception of McCaffrey. DJ Moore does not get near my top 20.
  14. I don't follow... I thought I was comparing Bilgewater, Keenum and Josh Allen. You know, broad side of a barn types.
  15. And Diggs has experience trying to track down errant passes. He played with Bilgewater and Keenum ferchrissakes.