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  1. Did you guys see that Brady had his family's suite at Gillette emptied out and deep cleaned? That's either a tell-tale that he's gone or a super shrewd negotiating tactic.
  2. If the Patriots can go 6-0 in their division every year, they only need to go around .500 against everyone else to be in the mix for a first round bye. Bur this year they could not even swing that.
  3. Brady's team has accomplished more than any other NFL team. Some years he has had more to do with that success than others. A big part of his success has been his coach and his perennial joke of a schedule.
  4. Russell Wilson, if placed in Brady's circumstances, would have won 7 Superbowls in his first 7 years in the league.
  5. You didn't answer my question. Will you be a newly minted, Brady lovin' Charger fan if he ends up going out there?
  6. Lamar did not get a lot of help, but he also did not make plays when they needed him to. Ravens tried to run a couple of gimps out there (Andrews and Ingram) and they paid the price. Also, Derrick Henry hit them in dey mouf.
  7. Why should anyone assume Brady will be back with the Patriots?
  8. If Brady goes off and joins a different team, will you Patriot sycophants follow along? Or will you root for the Patriots and their new QB? I, for one, relish the prospect of seeing Brady in a different uniform. No cupcake schedule and no BB led defense? And maybe no film of the opponent's defensive signals? Then we will find out what he really is...
  9. Not only will I never select Montgomery again as long as Nagy is the coach, I will never draft any player on any team coached by Nagy ever again.
  10. Montana won 4 SBs and lost none in an era where QBs could be hit and hit hard. Montana is the greatest QB of all time. Tom Brady was also very good in his prime. He played a lot longer and won 2 more Superbowls than Montana, but he also lost two and probably should have lost 4. Now? He's lost a lot off his fastball...
  11. The Belichick-Brady partnership has been a successful one. My personal belief is that Belichick won more Superbowls with Tom Brady than he would have won with a different QB. But I think we are now going to see how each does without the other.
  12. Tom Brady is an unrestricted free agent. I guess you need to study your Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  13. Because the partnership seems about over. And we are all trying to figure out what is next. I predict that the Patriots without Tom Brady will still be pretty damn good. Brady without the Patriots? Guess it depends where he lands. But I am not optimistic.