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  1. I was referring to "not drafted" in most fantasy leagues. In my deep and competitive 12 teamer, both Morris and Robinson were purchased at initial auction.
  2. Alfred Morris rookie year was pretty great. There were a couple of guys perceived to be ahead of him. Robinson has really done well.
  3. Wentz is making decisions that are mind boggling. Like someone playing Madden for the first time and does not know which buttons to push.
  4. Philly's coaching and front-office decisions have abysmaly bad lately. Giving Alshon Jeffery major run at the expense of Fulgham is downright Gaseian.
  5. Track record of bad behavior plus lack of recent significant production is going to limit Brown's opportunities going forward. As some say, the initials NFL can stand for "Not For Long."
  6. They said on the Mike Greenberg show that the game is being played early to avoid conflicting with NBC's Christmas Tree Lighting Special.
  7. Maybe Arians agreed to sign Antonio Brown so Arians could humble Brown at long last with a bit part instead of a starring role.
  8. Are you still starting Antonio Brown in YOUR lineup?
  9. And Bell still does nearly nothing in his three-man committee with Darrel Williams and Darwin Thompson.
  10. The post immediately previous to this one is, quite simply, how it is done.
  11. Brian Hill is one of the slowest half-backs I think I have ever seen.
  12. I guess Bell's performance wasn't quite as guaranteed as you thought it would be. Are you still using him in your starting lineup in fantasy?
  13. The main issue for Hollywood has been Lamar Jackson's terrible passing. RGIII is not much better, though.