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  1. I spent 65% of FAAB on Gallman (not super proud of it). Penny owner is only willing to do a 1:1 deal for Gallman. As a Carson owner, should I do it? Team in sig.
  2. Team is in sig. I dropped my Kicker to pick up Keelan Cole once the Marquise Lee injury occurred. Now, before Week 1, I will have to drop someone in order to pick up a Kicker. Should I hold onto Cole, drop him, or drop Jordan Wilkins? I guess there is also the option of dropping Jimmy Garoppolo, who I only took because he fell all the way to the 13th round. The other consideration in all of this is that Wilkins and Garoppolo can be potential keepers for next year if I hang on to them all season long and don't drop or trade them. My gut tells me to keep Cole and drop Wilkins. Mack will be back at some point and Wilkins has only shined in practice, not the preseason. Plus, that Colts O-line even with Nelson isn't exactly going to be opening a lot of holes. I'm more in need of a RB than a WR, but my gut tells me Cole will definitely outscore Wilkins this year.