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  1. Good news with the recent update
  2. Thanks. Yes, all 4 were drafted late. This year had a little more drinking than usual, which may have helped me out as well. In regards to saves, with it being a points league, I don't like to overspend on typical CL and they all seemed to go for more than I was willing to spend. I went the route of using SP with RP eligibility in order to get more starts instead of potential save points.
  3. Wasn't going post a thread like this, but not much going on so why not? Drafted on 3/7/2020. Thoughts? 10 Team Keeper - H2H Pts. $1,000 cap - 26 man roster with 2 DL/ML spots. Keep 5, max of 2 years. C : Sal Perez-$7 1B: Matt Olson-$20 2B: Jonathan Villar-$5 SS: Story-$10 (2020) 3B: Vlad Jr-$10 (2021) OF: Soto-$10 (2021); Bellinger-$10 (2021); JD Martinez-$115 UTL: Jose Ramirez-$185 Bench Bats: Luis Robert-$11; Mike Moustakas-$5 SP: Castillo-$10 (2021); Degrom-$225; Charlie Morton-$142; Woodruff-$53; Darvish-$56, Robbie Ray-$53 RP: Carlos Martinez-$5; Josh James-$5 Bench: Mitch Keller-$5; Aaron Civale-$12, Nathan Eovaldi-$5; Dylan Cease-$5; Josh Lindblom-$5; Nate Person-$5; Garrett Richards-$5 MiLB: Wander Franco-$5; Mackenzie Gore-$5
  4. Gallen threw 171 IP across two levels last year. There's no reason he can't repeat those totals, barring injury
  5. I'd keep Soler and Chapman as well. The 5th RD tag is the seller for me. Should be able to find a suitable SP2/3 at the draft.
  6. Thanks for the input. Those are my thoughts as well. I appreciate the insights around here and wanted to see if anyone thought differently.
  7. Update - the league has decided to reduce keepers from 10 down to 5. We can cancel any contract without penalty and sign new players (outside the original players) with the same parameters as before. With that said, I'll be canceling the Reyes contract for sure, which will get me to the 5 below. Of those listed, does anyone think it would be beneficial in a points league (-1 for Ks) to cancel the contract and sign a new one from the options listed? Current Keepers - Cost (year contract ends): Story-$10 (2020), Vlad Jr-$10 (2022), Soto-$10 (2022); Bellinger-$10 (2021), Castillo-$10 (2021); Possible new contracts: Zac Gallen-$5 Luis Robert-$5 Hiura-$5 MacKenzie Gore-$5 Will Smith (C) - $5 Dustin May- $5 Mondessi - $20 Liam Hendricks -$5 Thanks for your input. WHIR
  8. Thanks for the response. Kept Reyes 2 years ago, hasn't worked out.....yet. Cost more to drop him so HOPING by 2022, it works out. With regards to Smith, in a points league C is not as valuable as all other positions. Curious who you'd keep him over?
  9. Offense looks great. Think you are a little behind with pitching, but with good WW moves you can make up for it in season.
  10. I agree, think I take the deal with the up grade in picks.
  11. 10 Team Keeper - H2H Pts. $1,000 cap - 28 man roster with 2 DL/ML spots. Keep 10, max of 4 years. Each year kept goes up by 25%. 1 year = 125% of current salary: 4 years = 200% of current salary. With this in mind, I'm thinking of keeping the 4 below, each at the 4 year max: Zac Gallen-$5 Luis Robert-$5 Hiura-$5 MacKenzie Gore-$5 Other options: Will Smith (C) - $5 Dustin May- $5 Mondessi - $20 Liam Hendricks -$5; Current Keepers - Cost (year contract ends) Story-$10 (2020), Vlad Jr-$10 (2022), Soto-$10 (2022); Bellinger-$10 (2021), Castillo-$10 (2021); A. Reyes-$20 (2022); Thoughts? WHIR
  12. Less than 24 points out of Wilson + Carson. Happened last week, can it happen again?? Fingers crossed.
  13. Based on? Haven't had any injury updates pop up