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  1. FWIW
  2. Incomplete Pass Blocked pass caught by Mineshew for 0 yards Incomplete Pass
  3. 16-2 H2H Points league. Highest scoring team and won the chip 334.5 - 244. 1th season with this close friends league and no one will return my texts
  4. Pass protection is a skill needed from your hurry up/3rd down back.
  5. I don't hate it. If you're ready to move on from Adams, feel like this is a good return.
  6. 10 team PPR - WHIR Looking to flip Fuller & Gallup for Godwin. The Godwin owner has hit the injury bug. Am I giving up too much if he goes for this trade? Thanks
  7. Jared Walsh stream for the finals already paying dividends.
  8. Missed that. Think I still make the move.
  9. I agree, you're taking a leap by making the move. Don't think you can go wrong either way. CHC only has 5 games this week, TB has 7. I'd make the move.