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  1. I'm currently starting Doyle this week and I'm not changing that. This is for next week. Would you trust Engram first week back (if he's back!) against the Dolphins or would you rather play Njoku against the Cardinals. I'd like to make the move now ahead of waivers. So Engram vs Dolphins or Njoku vs Cardinals?
  2. I was going to add that Rodgers is my QB so I'm thinking Dak has better trade value (Mahomes and Ryan owner possibly) than Cousins.
  3. I'm currently being offered Zeke/Fitzgerald/Dak for Golladay/Ekelor/Cousins. My other RBs are Michel and Freeman. Other WRs are Adams, Evans and Westbrook.
  4. I don't hate the idea of stashing Mattison in case Cook gets injured. I don't own Cook and I'm holding Mattison just to see if Cook will go down. However I wouldn't just drop Hockenson. Since you need an empty roster spot I would shop him and another player and look to upgrade from that player. A 2 for 1 trade. With the current outlook of TEs you may get a taker. Good luck!
  5. Would you trade Ekeler and Mike Evans for Zeke? I'm concerned that once Gordon returns it will put Ekeler more at a flex position. I'm not concerned about Evans slow start, I think he will be fine rest of year so I'm not panicking to unload. With trading away Evans I will still have Adams and Golladay as my starters. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  6. Other manager wants Golladay and Ekeler for David Johnson and either Delanie Walker or Waller. Any thoughts? My initial thought is then to turn around and try to trade Engram and Watkins to the Mahomes owner in exchange for Adams (I have Rodgers.) He also needs a TE. So overall I would either be trading Ekeler and Golladay for David Johnson and Waller. Or Ekeler, Golladay, Engram, Watkins for David Johnson, Adams, Waller. Plus i could use an empty roster spot for waivers.
  7. I would try to give up JuJu instead of Adams but I like trying to get Zeke. I heard that Jones is going to lose some playing time to Williams, possibly to keep him healthy for a playoff push?
  8. Other manager is willing to trade David Johnson and is interested in Ekeler. Do you think Sammy Watkins is enough to add to that trade or should I also offer either Devonte Freeman, Royce Freeman or Mostert.
  9. I currently have Lamar and Rodgers on my team. 6pt for passing TD. I currently have no TE (poor Henry can't stay healthy). Best options on waivers are Olsen, Burton, Reed, Davis. I can trade Lamar for Evan Engram straight up right now. The offer is sitting there for me to act on. Half point PPR league. Should I just find replacement TE for a few weeks and hopefully someone else comes along? Accept trade? Or counter offer? Lamar and Golladay for Engram and Lockett? (That's another debate on Golladay vs Lockett). Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Brady, even if Gurley plays it won't be a full workload.
  11. I have to agree with the 2 previous posts. If Julio plays you go with him.
  12. I would play McGuire. I think the Jets will beat the Packers at home and McGuire will have a great opportunity to score. I'm a little put off by Fournettes 2nd half usage last week. Help with mine?
  13. Give me Williams this week. Mixon is a little banged up, Bengals have no other offensive options so the Browns should focus on stopping Mixon. Help with mine?