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  1. Every time I see this guy's name I think of the line from "Half-Baked". "I wanna talk to Sampson, fly me to the moon like that b**ch Alice Kramden."
  2. My god Houston's offense is going to be terrifying when they get healthy.
  3. What? You mean the capital of strip clubs, geriatrics and Ed Hardy shirts? One of our proudest American cities. Totally deserving of an MLB team (dripping in sarcasm).
  4. He's having a great year, arguably one of the 5 best hitters in the AL so far. He should definitely get his first All-Star nod.
  5. Worst season I can remember by a top 100 ADP player was Andruw Jones 2008 with the Dodgers. He was coming off a down final year in Atlanta, but had 9 years prior of high-level production. He was being drafted in the top 50 for an expected rebound, IIRC, and proceeded to go .158/.256/.249 with 3 HRS and awful counting stats across 238 PAs. But part of the explanation for Jones' problem was simple. Dude ballooned 30 pounds in the offseason prior (all fat) and was swinging a cement bat.
  6. Kaz Matsui's anal fissure has always been #1 for me.
  7. More embarrassing injury? This or Marty Cordova back in the day burning his face falling asleep in a tanning bed?
  8. Haha yeah. Nick Blackburn was another classic "eat some innings" guy. I love the philosophy of, "Hey, he may be atrocious, but he'll go out there 30 times a year and suck. There's value in that."
  9. With the premium on velocity, spin rate and quality of stuff now, it seems like the true gas cans are becoming more rare. I fondly remember the days where guys like Carlos Silva, Josh Towers, Mark Redman and Jeremy Sowers were trotted out regularly. It's sad that some of the current gas cans (i.e. Giolito in 2018) have nasty stuff that allows them to immediately improve. Seeing guys like Silva and Redman out there was a real treat if you have a sick sense of humor.
  10. Cleveland clearly expected this guy to have another MVP-caliber season given how they stripped down the offense in the offseason. Their lineup revolves completely around Lindor, Santana and JRam, with basically a lot of bums around them. Two of those three are swinging it well, but Jose is so far below expectations it's scary. I imagine he was around a 3 WAR player at this point in the season last year, now he's flirting with negative WAR.
  11. Remember when Straily was being hyped as a future Cy Young winner by a certain member of this board? Still makes me laugh. Corbin Burnes deserves a mention. 14 HR in 31 IP. Rivals Brian Matusz's legendary gas can season in 2011 where he gave up 18 bombs in 49 2/3 innings.
  12. Santana had an awful April, but he's basically been exactly who Philadelphia signed him to be since early May. Let's just cherry pick some stats. Rhys Hoskins is Philadelphia's best hitter. Let's compare him and Santana since May 4 through now. Hoskins: 412 PA, 23 HR, 59 R, 63 RBI, 48 BB, 89 SO, .243/.338/.497, .835 OPS, 123 wRC+ Santana: 427 PA, 18 HR, 50 R, 66 RBI, 70 BB, 60 SO, .244/.365/.453, .819 OPS, 120 wRC+ Obviously, Hoskins had a much better April, so his season stats look better overall, but these two have been remarkably similar over the last 400+ PAs.
  13. I was visiting SD a few weeks ago and saw Wil getting absolutely s**tfaced in a Gaslamp bar with a honey by his side. The funny thing is, in SD, he could be a college student because absolutely no one cares about the team or knows who the players are.
  14. He's a DH IMO. He doesn't really seem like the same caliber of athlete as guys like Joe Mauer or Carlos Santana, who transitioned to 1B from C very well defensively. I just don't see this guy as a long-term catcher at all.