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  1. that is terrible if true. All trick plays are eliminated? Well done. Do you also dictate that any plays not run out of the wishbone shouldn’t count either?
  2. We are in agreement, as I made the same case to our league when bringing up examples like OBJ and Landry, or Tyreek, or most notably and appropriately Ty Montgomery and Jaylen Samuels who were lethal in previous seasons with dual eligibility though they were really only playing one position. im just trying to help the discussion as folks search for potential solutions that take note of this extreme occurrence.
  3. Another solution is for commissioners (going forward) to allow Hill to stay in the TE spot (if that’s what ESPN allots), but to not count passing stats. Hill was already getting rushing attempts and stats out of the TE position all year so it would be disingenuous to not allow that to continue at least
  4. Alex Smith man. Great story but not better than Haskins. Throw to Terry already!
  5. So AJ brown can’t catch anymore huh? Dude has turned into Chuck Knoblauch out there
  6. Can't follow forum rules. Ignore.