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  1. Rodgers misses a ton of easy throws now. Jesus
  2. That last one he had no room. DLine in on the handoff. Sucks.. but at least he’s in there
  3. It’s going to be a dispute: he threw it to an eligible lineman who seemed to fumble before the goal line, and then fell on it for a touchdown.
  4. Mixon has two carries for two yards.. can anyone tell us how he looks? This game is already out of control
  5. I’m keeping him in. Mid season trade for him got me here. Going to ride. Positivity for the win
  6. not sure what to make of this either. Looks sort of normal? Like why have him go through with this if he’s about to puke or poop?
  7. Kirk being entirely uninvolved is pissing me off
  8. Anyone see the hold on Aaron Jones TD? Legit?
  9. Gotta hope the scoring continues for Kittle to get anything
  10. Killer week: Winston, Evans and Godwin will be done in Peyton Barber
  11. Remember when the Packers were killing people by throwing to Jones down the seams and using him as a receiver? What the hell happened to those play calls?