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  1. That was on Smith. Dude just goes straight to check downs without even looking at the field. As much as I can’t stand McKisses he got hospital balled there
  2. Alex Smith plays exactly the same as he did as a rookie. Eagles come on a blitz. His line picks it up fine. But like a rookie he only had eyes on the blitz and left the pocket for no reason, resulting in him running into the path of the defensive end, and missing a wide open Thomas who was right in from of him for an easy first down. Brutal to watch
  3. I might add: Quarterback play that makes everyone else seem like a scrub. Tua and Alex Smith make football more boring than quilting.
  4. Tyreek looks perfectly fine. that they arent using him makes no sense
  5. Clearly arent taking this seriously. Also even though Hill has produced, they are limiting his reps. Come on Reid. Get Tyreek his TD already!
  6. Keep running Wilson over Mostert, Kyle. Show that brilliant mind of yours!
  7. By my count Robinson has lost three touchdowns this year due to penalties that had no bearing on the play
  8. Love Tyreek on the field. Don’t love him off the field. and F Andy Reid and whatever crackpot team he has up there in the booth for not challenging that touchdown he actually caught. Going to cost me, and I imagine countless others, the regular season championship
  9. Justin Herbert, Raheem Mostert, and Terry McLaurin getting me 7 total points; while Tyreek catches a touchdown that Reid doesn’t challenge, and has another reversed for a suspect call; oh and AJ Brown can’t hold onto a ball or cross a plane without fumbling. So cool
  10. Mclaurin must be legit hampered because they are doing nothing with him
  11. I hate Alex Smith. I’m sure he’s a fine human being. But man just brutal to watch on the football field
  12. If this was Andy Reid he would have already punted 25 seconds ago
  13. they aren’t. Terry ran that same slant and was open as sims was. the previous third down Terry was one on one with Layne.
  14. Alex Smith needs to look at Terry. One on one and with 10 yards off coverage
  15. I’m trying to figure out how much Truit’s return tonight further hampers Gibson’s chances . I know Dupree is out but from what I understand he was mostly disruptive on pass plays? i want to start Gibson as been believing in and playing him all year, but I wonder if Terry is the smarter play when figuring out how the WFT moves the ball and scores.
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