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  1. Lamar Jackson, Devonta Freeman, Jared Cook were my Championship MVP's.
  2. Golden during the championship. The upside definitely showed week 14 vs SF, where he caught two TD's in the first quarter then left the game.
  3. That interception was still better than an incompletion+punt for Miami.
  4. There's definitely situations out there where that could be a great move. Don't hesitate to be the first to pull off unconventional moves, it will either inspire others to copy you because they see the benefits of the new strategy, or they won't understand, but the only thing the others can do is to vote for an official rule against it next season.
  5. Other owners are usually a lot slower when it comes to realizing a breakout from a player that isn't on their team. Your league will catch up soon when they start seeing your WR3 (draft perception, I see him more than a WR3) continuously blowing out their WR2/WR3.
  6. In a standard league, I was offered Amari Cooper for my Davante Adams, should I accept this trade? Is Cooper's injury less serious than Adams? I'm leaning on accepting the trade. I'm sitting at a 4-2 record, with TY Hilton, DJ Chark, and Courtland Sutton as my other WRs, in this league we only need to start 2 WR's, but we have to start 2 Flex's.
  7. Malcolm Brown isn't the best example, but I did this strategy to hold Chark, and I could have been done it with McLaurin as well before his breakout, and would have payed off well. You're not looking to make a pick up just to use him for a week, you're doing this move to see if a player is worth holding on to long-term. If he continues his breakout, you drop another player instead, but if they bust, you pick up a late starting kicker who could still easily just as well put up the same pts as someone drafted on a weekly basis. If you do this move sparingly, the difference between ww kickers and starting kickers in a weekly basis isn't much, it can only add up season-long if you actually do it every week, otherwise the points between kickers in any given week is barely much (Week 6 - Zuerlein 1 pt, McManus 13 pts (5% owned.)) It's a small risk for a potential big reward when done sparingly.
  8. They need to start crediting these INT's to these WR's rather than the QB, who's literally throwing it right to his face.
  9. A lot less difficult when you just had 2 in one game, people usually bump up their projections a bit when a situation like this happens, not the opposite. I'd rather see him score 2 TD's this week and seem like a great RZ threat, than have 1 or 0 TD's, in hopes that it somehow leaves room for more in the future? Regardless how difficult it seems, anything can happen when it comes to TD's (Ebron last year)
  10. Duke couldn't get free when Crowell was his competition, doesn't seem likely at this point
  11. So I basically should have done this move twice already in the first two weeks of the season, but I only managed to do it once, and it netted me Chark who I otherwise wouldn't have had an extra bench spot for, all at the risk of a drafted kicker outscoring a ww kicker by a few points in one week.