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  1. Thompson. AP won't find any room so they'll have to throw some screens and misdirection to slow down the Bears front.
  2. In PPR I'd sit Ingram though not easy to do. I think Balt will slow game down with running game. Can't sit Evans or NUK in PPR. Ekler is a beast. Good lineup
  3. Josh Gordon, Marquise Brown, Lesean McCoy, Christian Kirk, TY Hilton
  4. He was referring to the Steelers blowout and Madden. When you get blown out, you pass the sticks (remote)
  5. Thank you for nothing (literally) Evans and AP.
  6. Dynasty, full PPR. Been offered Kerryron Johnson for Sutton. I have Cook, Fournette and White as RBs with Diggs, OBJ, Watkins, Sutton as WRs so not there is a need. Can start 3 RBs and 1 WR or visa versa.
  7. You're talking about a Patriots team that doesn't release anything until they absolutely have to. They could already know, but nothing will be released until confirmed which will most likely be the MRI tomorrow.
  8. The offense will move the ball and score. Bailey is a start
  9. Did you watch the game? Thinking not. The O line was and is the issue for Cousins and any RB. Good thing is, they run block better than pass protect which bodes well for Cook this week.