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  1. Brent's a great commish. This is not my first league with him. He's a straight up guy who always pays his winners. C'mon guys, join in on the fun. Let's make this super league grander with more teams.
  2. It's being covered differently. The finger pointing directed at the Lake of the Ozarks pool attendees and other Memorial Day Weekend revelers is not occurring here. It's what I've observed on social media. The sanctimonious lockdown-at-all-costs crowd has gone on to assert that destruction of another's property is a viable (if not the only) form of protest in an unjust world.
  3. I may get a lot of heat for this. I want folks to understand, like many, I was highly disturbed by the video of George Floyd’s death. Also, like many, I want to see justice for his death. However, I cannot come to terms with the fact that no one is talking about the COVID-implications of densely packed and many times maskless mobs of rioters burning down cities across the country. All the while, innocent beach goers have been shamed while the media has been largely reticent about the biggest super spreading event to occur since these lockdowns began. What kind of hypocrisy is this?
  4. Agree 100%. I don't know how, in this interconnected globalized world could the spread of such a highly-communicable disease been averted, if not put out at its source. I would find fewer faults with China if they had been more open about it from the outset.
  5. I hope we're further along than we think we are, but the reports are foreboding.
  6. True, but what if most of those Americans who got it in May were young and healthy?
  7. I just hope they continue on this path and don't succumb to the pressure. We need a control country in this morbid experiment. Who knows how it'll play out. By the way, I meant for my earlier post to be in the other thread but I screwed up.
  8. Well, I'm just citing a leading expert on this subject. Based on what I've read, it's not gonna stop until it infects a large number of us.
  9. That's a true point, but we're probably going to hit 60-70% exposure before a vaccine is developed. And, remaining locked down as we are now is unsustainable. The economic implications will be profound.
  10. I'm telling you social distancing isn't the medication or cure for the predicament we're in. Most Americans, according to this expert, will get infected anyway.
  11. That's besides the point -- all proper social distancing will do is delay the inevitable. The lockdowns are a useful stopgap if hospitals are on the verge of getting burdened. Otherwise, we may only be protracting this event by doing what we're doing.
  12. Well, Osterholm, who knows more than anyone in this forum, expects 60-70% of Americans will get the disease and 800,000 will succumb to it. Social distancing seems futile if that's the reality which awaits us. I do hope he is wrong. He is an ostensibly smart man, but boy do I always regret hearing his straight talk.
  13. It's too early to tell. Sweden's numbers will look worse at first but in the end will they? Once the other Scandinavian countries relax their restrictions, will they not have surges in cases and fatalities? All these lockdowns may to be accomplishing is stretching out the cases and fatalities over a longer period of time. Director of the Center for Disease Research and Policy, Michael Osterholm, predicts 60-70% of Americans will be infected. According to him, the disease stops at that number because we achieved "herd immunity." If the hospitals are not being overrun, what is the purpose of the lockdown? Shouldn't we try to choose what demographic of Americans make up the 60-70% to save as many lives as possible?