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  1. Just going off what Tom Verducci claims was in it. Take it up with him.
  2. SI obtained a copy of it. At least they claim they did. We just disagree.
  3. The March 26th agreement, stated owners and players would act in good faith, if games were played with no fans, or neutral sites. Where has the union showed good faith?
  4. The final March 26th proposal, said games would not resume without fans. The players association said they would act in good faith accordingly. The fact someone has huge wealth, doesnt mean anyone can claim it, or think its theirs. I cant go to Amazon and say, Jeff, you're the richest guy. I want everything for a buck. Owners are not in it to lose money, even if they can absorb it. If you refuse to play on reduced salary, quit and get another job.
  5. Not every owner is created equal. Meaning, not everyone has as deep as pockets, as say Cuban or Jones. The players will get hurt in the long run. Fan hatred, slow free agency.
  6. Owners take the risk of a business losing money too. Players get guaranteed money. The owners were basing there being fans. Not every team garners a profit every year. I hope the owners dont budge a inch. Good luck next year, when free agency is at a crawl.
  7. Why do people hate those with money? And then want to steal it from them? Taxes, socialism The average salary is 4.4 mil To play a kids game. To work 3 hours a day. The players are greedy, spoiled, little blake snells.. Dont play you stupid chumps. Watch next year, when owners say, no to free agency. This isn't coal miners actually working and risking their lives 12 hours a day It's a bunch of arragant babies, spitting sunflower seeds 3 hours a day, complaining that they can't play for 3 mil. There no crying in bb.
  8. Just curious. Haven't read the 100 plus pages. Just seemed like a speculation thread? Nobody has close to any of the right answers. Politicians, medical experts. So why so much talk on it?
  9. The owners are losing alot with no fans. How players cannot accept this, is being all about them. That's greed. There isn't a company out there, that opens up its books, to its employees. That's just a dumb demand. Take a pay cut, and move on. Millions of us already are, whether we want to or not.
  10. The players are greedy bums. Maybe not all, but enough to create chaos. Every player should have to spend a year, working a real job for 50K a year. Whether players have any case, doesnt matter now. This is the worst crisis since WW2. And guess what. Feller, Teddy and many others, put country 1st, by enlisting. Saying pay cuts are unfair, with nearly every American effected, is bad optics. A public relations nightmare. Players need to suck it up for 1 year, bring fans back, and reap rewards later.
  11. The minor league season hasn't been canceled yet. Anything's possible. I'm just going off industry talk, of teams not wanting to start clocks, on a 3 month season.