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  1. Civale is valid I dont get the Cavan love. Well I do in a way. Last name. 4 years in minors. .799 ops .255 BA Shed Long will be better. You heard it here first.
  2. You must hate s 2b/3b eligible guy, with at least 28 hrs, 85 rbis, last 3 years. And now hes going to Cincys launching pad. Dont be surprised if she'd long, isn't as good as biggio, or even better. Why throw him in?
  3. Acuna, flaherty, Altuve, Lindor, devers locks. Hiura barely over sale
  4. Jose Rendon going to a big pitchers park. Plus guys signing big deals, often struggle 1st year.
  5. I wouldn't add to it Moose has 2 good years in a row. And hes 2b/3b. Biggio is overrated, due to name. Civale is a sleeper. I prefer moose side myself.
  6. The judge cant stay off dl I'd getting out of control. One long dl stint was a wrist, caused by a hit by pitch. Hes really only had one real dl stint. The oblique last year.
  7. I have Marco best SS after wander. And I predict he breaks top 10 this year Take it easily
  8. Yea. I could see it. I just think buehler is the best long term SP to have.
  9. I think you are giving albies a little too much credit. Probably mainly due to age? He doesnt run alot. His power numbers are short of muncy, Torres. His career .279 BA is short of altuve, and probably marte. You just said marte was legit. Plus he will have 2b/of rating. Lux and hiura are coming. Unless albies ups his sb, hr, ba, I dont see him as clear cut number 1 2B. Even adding may, lamet is too much.
  10. Marte vo himself is more then enough Marte will play OF If you need 2B, I can see the deal. I prefer marte myself. Do not add gallen
  11. Your 5 and moncada are locks. Last spot is open. Bauer Why trade up to 2 and take vaughn? Adley Dominguez top 2