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  1. Looking like someone might be back! “ There’s been talk for a while about the new deal relaxing marijuana restrictions, and we have the full details on what that would look like, courtesy of Mark Maske of the Washington Post (Twitter link). The THC testing window would be reduced from a huge four-month period to just two weeks at the start of training camp. Additionally, players would no longer be suspended solely for positive marijuana tests, the number of players tested would be reduced, and the thresholds for positive tests would be increased. In other words, marijuana use will virtually never be an issue again for NFL players.“ Rumble, young man, rumble!
  2. I was at that game last night. He was down a loooooong time. You could hear him screaming in pain. Considering it’s here in Seattle, you can imagine how loud it had to be
  3. I listed Robinson as well because Hardman isn’t available in a lot of leagues.
  4. With the bye week coming, now would be a good time to become Hardman or Robinson as insurance
  5. All the laughs didn’t age so well. Go Flash!
  6. No way is he done. He’s still only 28. Definitely can see plenty teams signing him. Seahawks or Texans should be on the phone with his agent.
  7. Zenner just got released by the Saints. Wouldn’t be shocked if Lions pick him back up
  8. Ty Johnson and dare I say.. Derrius Guice
  9. Mayfield isn’t cutting it. Who’s the better add?
  10. I’ve been offered Joe Mixon and Robert Woods for my Aaron Jones and Terry McLaurin. Full PPR. A lot of people have a Mixon and Woods on their buy low lists. Do I make this trade.
  11. With the Brown news, all those that were worried can now relax
  12. If Waller is still available, he’s a good add. Very encouraging performance today.
  13. Gordon is a beast! Too tough to bring down alone
  14. Gordon is primarily a distraction to himself. He’s never been said to be a cancer to a locker room. Brown is.