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  1. My strategy is to drop kicker and drop DST every Tuesday, then add whatever waiver wire totes I've been eyeing. If a player gets the Out designation before Sunday games start, I can add em to IR. Still might have to cut a player or two for the last minute streaming DST / K. This has been working very well for me. Long live the kicker.
  2. His receivers made some spectacular catches in the 2nd half that really started to ignite the hopes of a comeback. Cooper went down at some point but I think he returned later in the game. If the receiving corps can stay healthy, I think Dak Attack will continue to dish out some great stat lines.
  3. 2nd one was a beautifully thrown pass to the middle of the end zone that glided overhead and hit Dwill right on the fingers... He should have made a greater effort to secure the ball; like you said, dive or at least extend the arms fully (come'on, man!). Still promising on the usage. McCoy was introduced on TV as the starter, even though it was Dwill in the backfield and with considerably more usage. Unfortunately, Shady still looked more explosive on his few touches.
  4. I think that would be a downgrade. Not high on Diggs, potential for a trade. Ekeler may still produce solid even if/when Gordon returns. Potential counter offers: Hilton instead of Thomas (good for you), or Thomas for DJ straight up
  5. I could use another RB. He could use a WR. We are currently in 1st and 2nd place. I feel like giving up my Kupp for his McCoy may be too steep. Would you do it?
  6. Would not buy, even for just a week 3 rental, unless in a very deep, deep league. Would rather have a Hyde/Gore/C.Thompson tier RB, or even Darwin as a desperation play. If they both sit, there's no telling what kind of reps he'll get, and I doubt they both sit for 2+ weeks. Posters above point out some of the negatives.
  7. Tough call, but I'm gonna have to cut ties with Mr. Winston. It's pretty barren on the waivers, but his services are no longer needed in my 3QB league. Gonna drop him for some some positional depth at the kicker position. ...For real though... All that talent on offense, no more looming threat to get benched every game, new HC at the helms... sometimes, you just can't fix a weak link without a complete replacement.
  8. Sounds like a reasonable prediction for this one. Mark Potash of Chicago Sun-Times: "The Bears come in on a roll — over the past seven weeks, they are fifth in the NFL in offensive points scored (32.0 per game) and fourth in yards per play (6.6). But the Vikings are on a similar roll defensively. After allowing an average of 25.7 points and 381.5 yards in their first four games, they have allowed 16.0 points and 274.8 yards per game in their last five, with 20 sacks and two defensive touchdowns. Even in the only loss in that span, they held the red-hot Saints to a season-low 270 yards and Drew Brees to 120 passing yards — his fewest passing yards in a full game in 13 years with the Saints."
  9. AB + Conner + Fitz vs. OJ + Godwin + (37pts) The AB side is projected as a slight favorite (PPR). Going into MNF, I would prefer the points in pocket! Any of you guys feel better with a slight edge in the projections?
  10. Bronco's DST for sure. Packers have not shown much of anything on the defensive side of the ball, whereas Bronco's are one of the best options this week outside of the elite D matchups. Favorable odds that the Broncos DST will finish top 5-10 this week. Next week, GB has a juicy matchup at home vs the inept Bills offense; perhaps the worst offense we've seen in decades. GB should be a good choice next week.
  11. I think the Bucs would be more of a desperation play. The narrative you mentioned is certainly possible, yet the prospect of negative points from your D/ST position seem equally probable, given the matchup. Weak D playing against a high-powered offense? Don't do it!!!
  12. Could be. I just don't see this Bills offense going anywhere. And he's hurt. And he's old.
  13. I drafted him with pick #36! I still dropped his a** this afternoon, because in my opinion, to hold him is a prime example of the sunk cost fallacy. Maybe you are in a 18 team deep league, but I see him as a low floor / low ceiling RB who isn't worth the bench spot. Le'Veon Bell is looking like a bad pick at #1 overall... so is McKinnon in the 3rd. It ain't the draft anymore!
  14. Time to drop this bum for a higher upside player. Old age for an RB, league-worst offense, and a rib injury that kept him from returning today? No thanks, Jeffery.