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  1. Melo has been a good fantasy asset in my league.
  2. And he had this performances without knowing the playbook. He just got there.
  3. CJ being out affected Melo more. Melo got 21 shots.
  4. Bazemore can't shoot it like Ariza. The Blazers are dying for more shooters. Ariza couldn't have landed in a better spot at this point in his career.
  5. His average nine cat ranking this year in a s---y situation isn't that much worse than Joe's. Now he's in a much better situation so...
  6. I don't think Poeltl is likely. He doesn't move the needle for them.
  7. My question would be who in here mentioned team count in their leagues when discussing Ariza? Did that come up and I missed it? Just curious who in particular you're judging. Thanks.
  8. Ross' FG% is stinky. He gets really hot and really cold. He also gets volume which makes it worse. Ariza won't get a lot of shots but the other stats? He's gonna be really good for the price if he gets the minutes.
  9. Ross is more need specific. If you need three and points and you can sustain a big hit to FG% then Ross is your man. I personally cut Ross recently and I have zero regrets. He didn't fit with my team.
  10. They really don't have much they can do now. Guys are hurt and what wasn't and didn't fit.
  11. Opportunity is key with all players value. Ariza was playing for the lowly Kings and they're going no where. He may have been saving himself for when he eventually was moved. If he gets 30MPG in Portland, which I think is likely given their lack of depth, then he may have value in all leagues but he for certain will have value in deep leagues. I'm on board now. Dropped Dieng.