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  1. One route that might be possible in a shortened season is to skip the few weeks that remain to the fantasy regulars season, maybe even skip round one and the top four teams in the standings are the playoffs.
  2. The NBA want to finish all the games. Yahoo announced theyplan on finishing fantasy and have extended the current week by 28 days. Isaac is practicing. He's coming back.
  3. Half the league sounds like they want it to be over. The other half want more basketball. I'm with them. The pandemic is allowing my team to get healthy. One guy has already complained that the league should not go ahead because of "unfair balancing issues" due to injured players coming back from injuries (this is a DYNASTY LEAGUE, guys like Durant and Isaac are rostered all season). Seriously... Well, he can kiss both my a** CHEEKS so that there's, you know, balancing.
  4. There is no reason to believe anything the Chinese government tells you. They've already been caught lying many, many times.
  5. Mind blown. If they're successful poor teams might plan their rebuild around pandemics too. They'll only have to wait another 100 years, which for a team like the Knicks greatly speeds things up.
  6. Testing should be mandatory(for those with symptoms in certain fields) and available to all during a pandemic and funded by the federal government. This crisis might be the moment that sets off a movement for socialized health care.
  7. Or scared. Some people act before they stop and think.
  8. The current champ is claiming he's going to be the first champ to reign for two straight years. Right. lol Might start calling him the COVID Champ.
  9. The problem is there are people in charge who do not understand, seem to be too good to be told anything and have an upcoming election campaign's success tied to the economy and more specifically jobs and the standard of living in general. If there's an Italian style shutdown that wrecks the economy here for the spring, summer and maybe fall... Thing is, sticking one's head in the sand now will lead to far more pain later. This disease needs an aggressive, unified stand. 3.2% of all infected will die; the rate is much higher for those with health issues that they may or may not know about. That's your grandparents, maybe your parents, maybe your partner, children, friend, who knows. Someone you care about may die this year from a preventable disease.
  10. Gobert is a basketball player. He made a bad joke and humorously (very dark humor) it bit him in the a**. He doesn't deserve to be publicly shamed for this. My guess is he secretly is scared about it but he's "tough" and so he has to show how "tough" he is. Now he really gets to prove it, unfortunately.
  11. Sure its a problem. You have expectations that this player can't live up to. The answer of your problem seems pretty clear to me. If you want to win and you cannot sustain ups and downs then why are you chasing stats with a late lotto rookie that had zero fanfare until camp?
  12. It's almost like he's a rookie or something.
  13. First week of rehab complete. Another week before reevaluation. We all know this.
  14. I think its becoming safe to assume that the MRI did not return much good news. If there was nothing would we still be waiting a full day after the MRI to obtain a status update? Likely second opinions are being obtained.
  15. Plus, they feel pain and swelling and in that state it is difficult for a player to know what it is. They know it pains and it is swollen. Its only the devastating injuries where things are in the wrong place where they know they're ******.