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  1. Cam has talent but he may be a season away from making a splash.
  2. Lets paint the scene here... The world is coming to an end, its week 8. GODwin IS DEAD for a week. Golden Boy's arsenal of weapons is 80% at best but somehow, someway he's hanging in there. Holding out hope for week 9, for... 💥🔥💥Antonio Brown💥🔥💥 Suddenly gummy penises, league approved helmets, ridiculously rude nonsensical tweets and fantasy points rain from the heavens. Anonymous dudes on the Internet everywhere rejoice as they hoist their fantasy trophies while serenaded by the boo birds they call their league members. Or he stinks and we forget we ever signed him. Its 50/50 right now.
  3. No you didn't, not in the post I quoted where you made the statement about WR3. If ya did we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  4. Depends on how badly ****** your team is I guess.
  5. You might want to clarify that because how do we know otherwise?
  6. What did you spend to get him? If he's in the flex conversation and you got him when most of us did he's still a huge steal.
  7. I think WR3 depends on the size of the league. For example, WR3 in a 10 team league with three starting WR would be WR21-WR30.
  8. He's on pace to break the rookie passing TD & QBRat records.
  9. It was just one game. It happens to the best of them. It happened to them last year but you know this because you watch football.
  10. It's to their best interest to keep Jones 100% for the playoffs. If they keep winning and secure or are close to securing home field later on, there's a chance that Dillon gets an expanded role in week 14 and 15. There's also the chance that he unseats Williams. That would be enough to bring him into the FLEX mix if he's getting a few goal line touches.
  11. My stance on the Packers backfield is that Jones is a complete stud and Williams is a very good backup who can do a bit of everything and is a very good blocker. I don't think anything about my view has changed. Dillon is waiting for a time to shine and this is his time to do it... Or not. It's up to him. I'm not a Oracle, I just don't bank on injuries.