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  1. I realize this is only relevant info to those in Baltimore that may or may not be suffering from turf toe. Specifically not JuJu.
  2. FYI: Raining on and off here in Baltimore. Turf toe in the rain.
  3. A lot will depend on if Brandon Williams plays. He’s key to the Ravens run stopping. He did not play against Cleveland.
  4. Gave: Connor, Kirk, Burkhead Got: Tyreek, Montgomery 1pt PPR
  5. I just sent it. He agreed to Tyreek for Connor. I am trying for Tyreek and Montgomery for Connor, Kirk and Burkhead. Fingers crossed
  6. Thanks! Anymore input? I will be answering his proposal later today.
  7. I would do it but I would also check with the Hock owner first to see if he has a better package for you. He may be desperate and ready to sell something better. Thanks for mine!
  8. Without seeing your team yes. Nuke is by far better than Woods. You never know which Rams wr gets the targets.
  9. I would do it. You have solid WR depth and Carson was a RB1 last week. I think he continues on. The fumbling was a fluke. It’s a risk but worth it. Talent is there. Also as a Ravens fan I can tell you Brown will be peppered with targets. I like him more than Lockett anyway.
  10. Get Samuels if you can. I dropped him before the game and am sick about It.