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  1. Keep Robinson, and accept trade 2. Then I would try and package a deal to get a solid WR. Help me!!
  2. You can try Carson and Kenny G, but you might need to give up more than just that to get one of these studs. Id try and target a TE instead.
  3. I am in a 10 team PPR league and I am hurting at RB due to injuries so I made this trade. How did I do as I feel he can be a game changer when he comes back and the rest of my RB's get healthy. I give up: J Herbert QB C. Lamb WR I get: M Sanders RB RB I currently have: Drake, Ekeler, J. Jackson, Edmonds, Mostert, G. Bernard, and now Sanders. My team should be displayed in my signiture.
  4. I am in a 10 team PPR league. QB's get 4pts for passing tds. I have L Jackson and J Herbert as my QB now, but in need of RB help as Drake and Ekeler are injured. Am I giving up too much?? I Trade: Lamar Jackson I Get: ZEKE Let me know your thoughts! WHIR
  5. Id try Carson, but I would look to trade M. Evans instead as I feel like you would be giving up to much for what you would get in return. Thanks for your help with mine!
  6. I am in a 10 team PPR and am down in my matchup this week. Who do I start for tonight??
  7. I'm in a 10 team PPR league,and with KC VS Pats game now scheduled for Mon, I have Hill back at WR. That being said, who do I start at flex?? J. Jefferson @ HOU J Wilson Jr VS PHI B. Cooks VS MIN C. Lamb VS CLE
  8. I'd go: RB - Robinson WR 1&2 - Robinson and Golladay Flex - Fuller Thanks for the help with mine.
  9. I am in a 10 team PPR league. I have T. Hill as my WR1 and with the game being postponed and who knows maybe longer like the Tenn and Pit game. I am wondering do I run the risk of keeping him in and not playing this week or should I play one of my bench players?? Bench: B. Cooks VS MIN TY Hilton @ CHI C Lamb VS CLE Let me know what you think. WHIR!!!
  10. I like Harry out of those options. Thanks for your help with mine.
  11. The Hilton, Gesicki, Dobbins for Higbee and Parker trade I would do, and keep Thomas as your WRS are stacked. Help me!!
  12. id stay put and not do the trade. help me!
  13. I would monitor if Jones comes back, but I would lean more towards Jones as its an easier matchup and they will get down early and have to play from behind. Help me!
  14. I need help this week with who to start at my Flex position. I will help in return!! who to start: J. Jefferson - @ HOU B. Cooks - VS MIN TY Hilton - @ CHI C. Lamb - VS CLE