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  1. Are you starting Keenan Allen on Sunday? If not, who are you starting over him?
  2. In a PPR, I typically go with the WR in my flex. However, I would roll with Wilson vs. even though Kittle is very close to a WR, but because this is his 1st game back, I would definitely roll with Wilson over Kittle. Do you have Kelce or Waller as your TE? Because these are the only two I am starting over Kittle.
  3. Kupp has the best matchup in what will be a high scoring game. If the Jets can score on the Rams, Seattle shouldn't have any problem. The Rams will need to throw, especially without Akers.
  4. Wilson for sure for me. Wilson was getting goal-line work with Mostert healthy.
  5. Gage for me. I feel like Andy Reid is going to pay all of his attention to Calvin Ridley and thus will free up Gage.
  6. I think Wilson and Gage are a coin flip for me. However, I would probably lean Wilson. My only worry with Wilson is now that Kittle is playing, most of the check-downs will go to him and not the RBs.
  7. Wilson and Coutee for me. I don't like Drake in this one. He's not going to run and doesn't catch a lot of passes.
  8. The safest in these lineups, IMO are Cooks and Marvin Jones. They are both the #1 WRs on their team and both teams wiil need to throw at times. Especially Detroit.
  9. I would go Rivers. Should be somewhat of a high scoring game and both teams will be throwing more than running, IMO.
  10. I think I would stay with this lineup, although I think Cooks is pretty even with Corey Davis. I just think Davis has the potential to score more in a shootout.
  11. You just can't bench Mahomes. Don't overthink it.
  12. Any chance AJ Brown doesn't play or is limited?
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