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  1. Second straight year of 9 k/9 as well which is nothing to write home about in this era. That'd place him 25th among qualified starters this year. Not exactly what you expect given the raw stuff (which I still think is oversold by some) and the pedigree.
  2. I don't see the talent to be a first rounder, especially since the steals dropped off. I'd say his ceiling is a late-2nd round/early 3rd type production.
  3. What argument? That just because a statistic begins to stabilize at a certain number doesn't mean it's an accurate representation of a skillset? I never said anything about Aquino's K rate, I talked about his plate skills as a whole, which I've tried to explain go far beyond just K%. You're letting your personal bitterness affect your thinking here.
  4. Its PA, but just because that’s when a statistic begins to stabilize doesn’t mean it’s an accurate representation of a skillset. Bad hitters have awesome 60 PA samples all the time.
  5. It's been a brutal season. He has serious flaws right now that he needs to sort out. The GB% has been going up and up ever since 2017 and he hasn't cut into the K% at all. The one good thing is he's shown the ability to make major adjustments in the past.
  6. It's really not one of the best indicators. Guys who walk a lot and have tremendous plate discipline often strike out more because they're going deeper into counts, seeing more pitches, etc. A guy who strikes out a lot but walks a ton likely has great plate discipline, it's more of a contact skills and going deep into counts issue than anything (i.e the case with Aaron Judge).
  7. You have to look a bit deeper than K-rate. A high K% in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing if the guy is also walking a lot and shows plus plate discipline. It's the combination of the high K% and the lack of walks in the minors that has people very skeptical of Aquino and his ability to produce long-term.
  8. Strongly considering it in my redraft after the debacle tonight. Not like he has a ton of upside ROS anyways, the Rays don’t want him throwing a ton of innings and going deep into games so realistically going into each start you can only hope for 5-6 innings from him max.
  9. You're still stuck on the very incorrect notion that having a high K% means you have poor plate discipline. That indicates you lack a basic understanding of the metrics and what constitutes good and bad plate discipline.
  10. 1) We were talking about his plate discipline as a skill throughout his career, not just MLB. 2.) Again- he had 495 PA in 2016, and the 410 in AAA were far more representative of his career skillset than the 95 you keep harping on that came in MLB. 3.) Any GM in baseball would take a guy who strikes out 30.7% of the time and walks 18.7%. An 18.7% walk rate is insane. Judge also posted an elite walk rate last year (15.7) and is posting another elite walk rate this year (16+%). His plate discipline has always been very good, and anyone with a basic understanding of advanced metrics and baseball could tell you as much.
  11. I said he has always had really good plate discipline, which he has. You then cited his 95 PA in MLB in 2016 (and omitted the 410 PA in AAA) and his K% in 2017 as evidence to the contrary. 1) Having a high K% doesn't mean you have poor plate discipline. In fact, a lot of guys with great plate discipline strike out a lot because they go deep into counts and see a lot of pitches. There's guys like Willians Astudillo who almost never strike out yet have terrible plate discipline. When you're trying to determine if a player has good plate discipline, look first to BB% and O-Swing%, not K%. 2) in 2017, you referenced Judge's 30.7% K rate as evidence he didn't have great plate discipline. He had an 18.7% BB rate and .422 OBP that season. He deserved the MVP. Can't you see how silly that argument is once you take a step back and cool down?
  12. Judge always had really good plate discipline. That's the biggest difference.