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  1. Oddly, I think the cardinals morphed into a more traditional offense as the season went on. They were real gimmicky early, and then Kyler really struggled to push the ball downfield most games. More garbage time stats for him then people care to admit. I think this is what kept DJ's number in check early on in the season. Whats odd, is I believe Drake is a Free Agent. So they brought him in, with DJ and Edmunds on the mend, but then didn't bother to get a look at either of them when they are both under contract for 2020 and Drake is not. They probably should have seen what they had in he had that massive game before a soft tissue injury.
  2. This year I can say without a doubt was the worst year for guys who went WR heavy. 1st round borderline (So some of these guys fell to the early second, but all could have had an argument for at least late 1st round) Odell Bust Julio Bust Adams Bust/Injured Juju Bust Hopkins got better but fairly MEH by his standards. Only Michael Thomas lived up to the 1st round pick. Been playing since 1998, and this year was just awful and lacked enjoyment. Seeing others chiming in with same sentiments.
  3. I agree, Im not sure if ROS value will be there, but I traded for Davante Monday, which prompted me to use a 1 claim for him. If Davante is down....I think he is a fantastic play, and if he does well, he could easily cut into G-Mo, MVS snaps. Putting it bluntly, the contested TD catch he made, is one the only contested GB catches like that I have seen by a player not named Davante Adams, since probably pre-injury Jordy.
  4. I think you are about a rung too low in redraft. You are trying to buy at 60 cents on the dollar and you will have to be closer to 80 cents. I think if you start getting in the Godwin, Woods tier you have a shot. In Dynasty if you can buy at 90-95 cents on the dollar do it. Guy is an elite talent, and isn't the problem. I said this about Diggs as well, and this applies mostly to dynasty format.....3-4 years of good production means there is not a reason to panic because of 3-4 down weeks. I do understand though how in re-draft a lot of guys with Beckham are sitting at 0-5, 1-4 etc. and now is go time.
  5. 2nd Week in a row all my elite receivers pooped the bed (I guess will see what Odell does but, Hopkins and Jones are once again on their way to stinkers) 2nd week in a row where I am playing guys with A-Rob, Fuller, etc....oh and in a league that still starts team defense.......the Eagles D. I love when crap owners, and crap teams just bust out.
  6. I have an entire 0-4 roster on your buy low. I hope you are right and I have been declining the trade offers.
  7. I was one of the guys who went WR/RB/WR/WR then grabbed him in the 5th. Did it on two teams. I love the volume. That's a good sign. But this O is downright awful from the play calling to the decision making. Whats not helping that is they are winning games. I hope this kid can turn it on and offer some RB2/Flex Value. With the volume, it should eventually come.
  8. Its time to vent about elite WR's not getting consistent work. Nuk, Odell, Jones all having huge bust weeks early. Here is a team I have that is IDP and is now 0-4. Lamar Jackson Nuk Hopkins Odell DJ Moore Kerryon McCoy Waller Kirk I get Melvin back this week, but wont matter if Odell and Hop continue to score 5 points a game.
  9. Unless this offense dramatically improved, the guy to own without AB in there is Waller. Cook was the only startable player on this team last year. Even when cooper was there he was a boom or bust WR3 at best. I own Renfrow in a Dynasty--I think he becomes of fantasy value, when the Raiders select Trevor Lawrence in 2021.
  10. Sun 12/23 vsPIT W 31-28 7 23 3.3 2 8 4 6 82 20.5 0 42 0 0 0 0 Mon 12/17 @CAR W 12-9 14 67 4.8 1 16 7 9 36 5.1 0 11 0 0 0 0 Sun 12/9 @TB W 28-14 12 51 4.3 0 12 5 6 36 7.2 0 15 0 0 0 0 Thu 11/29 @DAL L 13-10 11 36 3.3 0 7 8 11 36 4.5 0 8 1 0 0 0 Thu 11/22 vsATL W 31-17 14 89 6.4 0 18 1 1 9 9.0 0 9 0 0 0 0 Sun 11/18 vsPHI W 48-7 13 71 5.5 0 16 1 1 37 37.0 1 37 0 0 0 0 Sun 11/11 @CIN W 51-14 12 56 4.7 2 14 4 5 46 11.5 0 19 0 0 0 0 Sun 11/4 vsLAR W 45-35 19 82 4.3 2 17 4 5 34 8.5 1 16 0 0 0 0 Sun 10/28 @MIN W 30-20 13 45 3.5 1 17 7 8 31 4.4 1 17 0 0 0 0 Sun 10/21 @BAL W 24-23 17 64 3.8 1 12 2 2 11 5.5 0 8 0 0 0 0 Mon 10/8 vsWSH W 43-19 6 24 4.0 0 9 3 4 15 5.0 0 6 0 0 0 0 TD's kept him on the RB1 map when Ingram came back. Game's he didnt have TD's he often fell into the RB2 field. Thomas was unaffected and stayed a high end WR1. Trust me I love AK. But I would go Thomas over him next year if Ingram is back.
  11. Decent Floor, High Ceiling. Im drafting him Late 1 Early 2. Think he's a better bet then Kamara if Ingram is back.
  12. I agree, I don't think he out of a role, BUT Robles is waiting in the wings. If Harper would resign....which the longer this goes on the more I lean towards him going back.... I would have to lean towards him getting a day or two off a week with Robles, Soto and Harper there. That said Robles isn't proven.....were just going off what a bunch of scouts say about him.
  13. Depending how Free Agency plays out....I like Adam Eaton this year as a 15 HR, 60 RBI, 20 Steal guy for late round money......thats if he decides not to be a glass house.
  14. I caught some very bad luck at the end of the season with injuries and issues in 2 leagues. Like Packer said, some of it will never be replicated again. But I have learned in towards week 10, you need to start to set up handcuffs in case of injuries, and probably don't need to take as many fliers down the stretch if you insured your team. Thats where I got beat up. I had a dominate #1 team going into the playoffs. Kareem Hunt news broke, he was on the #2 team. I grabbed Ware off the wire .3 seconds after the news broke. In doing so I dropped Jaylen Samuels instead of a guy like Larry Fitz who was my WR6. Then Ware got hurt. Lost in the Semi's to the 4 seed, by 2 points. He had Samuels at TE, I had two in game injuries to Julio and Boyd. That one will sting for a while, but learned a lesson from it. If your not going to play a guy on your roster, he can be cut for a handcuff.
  15. Devonta Freeman hurt me in two leagues. Derrick Henry who I traded after week 8 hurt. Two years in a row he went off at the end of the year. Amari Cooper got me this year, and will get more people again next year. Just can't be relied on unless he falls into the WR3 convo.
  16. Houston over Indy- This will be a nail biter. Both teams are very hot, both teams have won on the road vs each other. It will be close, probably the game of the weekend. Winner could make some noise in Foxboro. Hawks over Cowboys- Cowboys lack and identity still to me. I think it will be close, but I don't see them getting over the playoff hump. Chargers over Ravens- Another good game that will be close. If Rivers starts hot, it should fall there way. They longer it takes him to get going the more of a chance Lamar and Gus bus have to take over. Eagles over Bears- Nick Foles doesn't seem to lose must win games, the Eagles had to beat Houston and the Rams to make the playoffs happen. Folks blew up the Rams, and lead the Eagles back at home on a last minute GW drive to beat Houston. I know the Bears D is elite....but I just think the eagles are starting to peak again at the right time.
  17. Just speculation, But if the patriots crap out this year, this team gets a huge overhaul. It can be argued that in college receiving was a strength of Michels. I can see them moving on from White and letting a 60/40 combo of Michel and Burkhead handle the reps. If Michel is getting 60% of the work and the is a threat out of the backfield he could be a nice 2019 player. The patriots need to get out of the when White is in the game we throw, when Sony's in the game we run mindset. It was fine when TB was elite. But it certainly looks like father time is catching up and that can't help the pats.
  18. Were 1 pt per 20 yards, 1 point per 10 completions, 3 pt bonus at 300, 4 at 400, 5 at 500. 6 pt TD's. Name value for Brady and Brees coming off a nice year...argument for TB can be made, Brees....I dont know. Listen I owned him this year and ponied up to get him and I am huge Texans I am in your corner with loving him. But If I am going to pay #2 money for him I will just buck up #1 money and grab Mahomes.
  19. Correct. I owned him this year and overpaid. There was a stretch of 6 games he didnt throw the ball over 24 times and was producing QB2 numbers. He started to come back on the last few games. He is Currently the QB 8 this year, and realistically without Cam sitting, Trubisky sitting, and the combo of Fitz/Winston played more like the QB11. I think he is better then that. But I think people probably take Mahomes, Luck, Rogers, Brees, Wilson, Newton and Brady ahead of him minimum. Ben and Matt Ryan also had strong years but we know they ride the roller coaster. I like Watson, Garrapollo, Trubisky and I might puke in my mouth a little Goff and Cousins as value QB's.
  20. Edgy Response, Bro! Attacking that dude's obvious key stroke error really showed him that you are indeed so much more intelligent! Did you do a Kickflip in your Mom and Dads pool since they drained it this winter?
  21. I think his performance under expectation puts him as a steal going into next year. Somewhere around 8-10th QB off the board, and could easily be vastly improved if the Texans sure up the line through FA and the Draft.
  22. Found this biggest tool on the thread! To enhance your knowledge or lack there of, there is an infinite amount of possibilities of how to run Keeper/Dynasty leagues. Therefor discussion on players and value must center around specific league rules, and specific rosters to make any calculated form of value. But keep being an Edgy "bro", I'm sure you are the coolest 16 year old on your block!
  23. Play in a league where you keep 3 and you can only keep a total of 4 years. Makes Choice Very Difficult especially when I had a hammer team last year. Guys in consideration (Years of remaining contract left) Julio (1) Theilan (2) Kamara (2) Connor (3) Mahomes (3) Guys that would probably be in consideration if I didnt have those 5 Carson (3) Lindsey (3) Edwards (3) Leaning Julio Kamara Connor Though if Ingram comes back or Pit Gets someone to steal snaps from connor....I might throw Mahomes in there.
  24. Same exact boat. Start Brate and risk a 1.5 against a stingy BAL D, or go Thomas. Im leaning Thomas as well. Oddly, Moore Samuel and Thomas all may be playable in PPR this week....they were last week.