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  1. Big time L for the people (and there were quite a few) who thought Kyler Murray should have honored his baseball contract. I like baseball A LOT more than I like football too. The system was broken before CV19, this is just exposing it more.
  2. Universal DH certainly opens up PT and gives him one more person to get injured to increase PT even more.
  3. Didn't expect to see Cooper propaganda out on May 19th, but it's a good day, why not? "Cruz, Judge, Alonso…Cooper? Cooper shows up here in a group of some of the game’s truly best power hitters, including both the American and National League home run leaders from a season ago, and in some cases, Cooper is better than them. Where Cooper “lags” behind is in terms of actual results, which I would guess can at least be partially explained by Marlins Park—as I mentioned before, I think Marlins Park sapped a lot of his power output." Could be more decent not playing in Miami this season.
  4. Age isn't the issue, it's mostly walks. Seems like he's going to have a solid career, but I wouldn't bank on him being a set it and forget it pitcher, especially early.
  5. It's not impossible, but chance or no chance, I wouldn't bet on Franco having a great fantasy year even if he did play. The Acuna/Soto rises felt differently. Doesn't mean he won't get there, just not sure it's this year. In fairness I guess I didn't see them having the big years as rookies as they did, but they both had better present power.
  6. World pandemic and I'm still riding the dansby swanson train with no mask
  7. Missed this the other week because of being in quarantine mode, but this is an impressive write up by Fangraphs, especially considering this isn't a fantasy list. 3. Heriberto Hernandez, LF Signed: July 2nd Period, 2017 from Dominican Republic (TEX) Age 20.3 Height 6′ 1″ Weight 200 Bat / Thr R / R FV 50 Tool Grades (Present/Future) Hit Raw Power Game Power Run Fielding Throw 35/60 55/65 35/60 30/30 30/45 45/45 Yes, future rule changes would make it more likely that Hernandez could one day catch in a part-time capacity, but he doesn’t have a great arm, either, and he has a chance to race to the big leagues if the Rangers just let him go hit while learning first base or an outfield corner. The on-paper stats, underlying TrackMan data, and my visual evaluation of Hernandez all indicate that this might be a very special hitter whose hit and power combination will clear the high offensive bar at those positions. His little T-Rex arms enable Heriberto to be short to the baseball, but he’s so strong and rotates with such ferocity that he still hits for power. I’ve seen him make mid-at-bat adjustments to quality offspeed stuff, swinging over a particularly good splitter only to recognize the next one, located in the same spot, and rope it into the corner for a double. He covers the whole plate (something that’s gotten better since my first looks in 2018) but is tough to beat on the inner half, and after watching him rake all last summer and fall, I’m all in on him despite not generally favoring corner guys several levels beneath the big leagues.
  8. This thread finally is reaching quarantine fatigue
  9. In the 2016 Finals Lebron was the only player in NBA History to lead both teams in those categories for a 7 game series. Literally has only. happened one time, and against the best regular season team of all-time.
  10. Yeah, not trying to say pitcher's should be judged just by k%, just that its a better stat indicating the strikeout abilities of a pitcher than k/9. Someone with a really good k/9 but a less impressive k% is much more likely to get the hook early than vice versa.
  11. Actually K% is the much better stat because k/9 doesn't account for extra batters in an inning.