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  1. I read that on fangraphs too. I took that to mean he’s a major league hitter but maybe not a really good one . He might be a solid 4-5-6 hitter like you said. Castellanos already is a good four hitter. Maybe the fact that they think the DH next year helps this situation , but I think Castellanos is a much better hitter than Aquino, and you win with good hitters not guys who might be. Also as Stevie said , he got destroyed in September. In OBP leagues he also takes a pretty big hit. I also think Winker is a better hitter than him too . Chances are someone gets hurt and Aquino still ends up with a lot of PAs but I wouldn’t be counting on him to be a stud.
  2. Depends on how deep the league is. Drafting Conforto at a discount and stashing him for a while a few year ago was big for me in a few leagues , think it could be similar with Tucker. Not defined roles aren’t ideal but they provide value because those guys are discounted.
  3. They will play whoever is better because they are competing , and I think that will be Tucker.
  4. Don't think he's a fantasy star but he really did pick it up in the second half after starting horribly partially due to injury. In deeper dynastys I'd be buying low if possible.
  5. garcia and kiriloff seem much different but the others seem fine to me.
  6. Seems like the NL potentially getting the DH is part of the reason for this move. He's a great hitter. Senzel and Aquino need to earn their PT. I fully believe Winker will bat regularly vs at least RHP.
  7. Never been an ump. I don't know. The borderline calls in person are often not borderline calls in reality, if the Astros get a disturbing trend of not getting calls when they should, it's only going to help critics of umpires. Seems like its eventually going to happen anyway (not trying to start a debate), but it seems against the self interest of umpires to make additional bad calls.
  8. At loss for words. This is terrible news. In addition to being a legendary player, I felt like he had so much left to give future generations. So young. Can't even imagine what his family is going through. This is insanely tragic.
  9. I wouldn't take him at 10, but I think if you truly believe in someone in a FYPD, you ignore ADP and just take them. I think he def goes before 20 in some. Some cold water Timmy: Eric, I hear good reports about Maximo Acosta of Texas. Is there any way to measure whether he’s leapfrogged Roberto Puason as the top SS signing this J2, or have neither gotten enough reps to change your priors? Thanks! 12:42 Eric A Longenhagen: Acosta is okay, no way has he lept over Puason mamsk: When’s the last time you had eyes on Acosta? The helium from the other publications (Gleyber Torres comparisons) are hard to ignore and I don’t think Puason is clearly above him at any of the other major evaluation sites 1:17 Eric A Longenhagen: during instructs. Mature-bodied kid, almost built like a catcher. I’m of the Heriberto Hernandez > Maximo Acosta mind.
  10. Fade could be the right call as will probably be talked about on a lot of podcasts and in these threads. I see really nothing that makes me want to fade honestly. I'm pricing all Astros as normally, and if people are fading and I get perceived value I'll take it. Some of these guys were great on the road, Bregman was better than at home. I also don't see why the umpires care. If anything, in a world where umpires are being replaced by computers soon, I'm not sure making bad calls on purpose is within their interest.
  11. 2018 Late Round Sleeper- Wrong 2019 Mid-Late Round Sleeper- Wrong 2020 Mid-Late Round Sleeper- ??? Kyle Tucker fell out of Rookie Eligibility by ONE AB last year. Honestly if I was the Astros I would have sat him out that last weekend just so he would stay on lists since the games didn't matter. In a recent BA chat someone asked Adam (Boston): Where would Kyle Tucker slot in if he was eligible? Kyle Glaser: In the 6-10 range. He has certainly disappointed from a redrafted vantage point for 2 consecutive years, but he could breakout this year. Reddick was terrible last year, they didn't sign any decent outfielders. Brantley and Springer could easily get hurt, heck I wouldn't be surprised if an infield injury shifts things around for him to play. ATC has him projected 19-17 with a 254 average and 110 WRC+ in just 425 PAs. Certainly 2020 potential, and a guy you can get for some steals late who shouldn't hurt you too bad elsewhere and still has the potential to break out in a big way. Could be looking at a 30-25 guy in a good lineup. If the bidding or draft spot is too high, I can see passing, but he might have burned enough bridges by now in the fantasy community that he could be a value.
  12. from that article, the best hype part was comparing him to JD Martinez in terms of hitting fastballs. He isn't great vs secondaries though, so he'll have to adjust if pitchers just throw him breaking stuff.
  13. yeah everyone should go to yours, I dunno how I got to that one first, some weird twitter account.