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  1. That seems fine so long as you check in when you can.
  2. @bradyp713 @jasonpark87 @fishingguy12345 Since you guys are newer posters I'd ask that you quote this message and respond to it that you're still interested. This draft involves you checking RW forums (or fantrax or both) multiple times a day every day for the duration of the draft. You should know roughly where the draft is at and whether you'll be picking soon and to have an idea of who you are deciding between or set a queue if you won't be around for a while on certain days. Please only commit if you plan to finish the draft and are willing to do that. Everyone else I assume understands how these work.
  4. It's all small sample size but he crushed lefties at the highest level he played in in High A. 960 OPS. I think he will hit fine from both sides of the plate and as a switch hitter. Lowe didn't sit much as the season went along and as I said, I still don't believe Lowe will hit lefties as well as he did this year next year.
  5. The reason why Lowe broke out this year is he because he went be from being a dreadful hitter vs LHP to elite. He was actually somehow much better vs LHP than right, which almost never happens for a LH hitter. It's not easy, and I might be hesitant to buy in next year at a high price. Wander isn't a lefty, he won't be platooned. If he was a lefty, I'd say it was possible. If Wander is being benched games, it's because he's not a good hitter yet or ever.
  6. Platoons essentially work well because a LH hitter is often very good if not elite vs RHP but is quite dreadful vs LHP. This is the reason to platoon someone. Joc Pederson a great example. Austin Meadows is someone they platoon for this reason, but I think is still young enough that he might be able to shed that. A guy like Ji Man Choi is a very underrated because he crushes righties as a LH hitter. His career WOBA/WRC+ vs RHP is very similar to what Jose Abreu is overall. So the Rays essentially have Jose Abreu vs RHP (most pitchers) for a very cheap contract. I'm sure you and many people know all of this or parts of this already, but Wander Franco is a switch hitter. In 2019 his OPS vs LHP was almost 1.000 and over 100 points vs his RHP (which was still good.) Bottom line, there is no worry for be about Wander Franco being platooned. 0%. What matter is he's a good hitter. If he's a good hitter as people expect him to be, there's a 0% he will be platooned unless he's somehow dreadful batting left handed. Platoons are basically a thing for lefties only. If you're a RH hitter and get platooned, that means you can't hit RHP...which is the majority of pitchers...which means you aren't a good hitter anyway.
  7. Maybe installing the DH only for both leagues will finally drive out the casuals who love watching pitchers bat.
  8. I thought you said the refs got him to the finals every time. So you’re contradicting yourself once again.
  9. It's just a bad take. If Franco is getting less than maximum at bats it's because he's not that good. Longoria was getting over 700 in his heyday in TB. Not sure what superstar player they had that got screwed out of playing time.
  10. They have so much financial flexibility though!
  11. Once he gets called up next year, I fully believe he plays every day. He''s a switch hitter. The only top prospects who really have risk of not playing every day are lefties, because lefties don't hit lefties well, almost none of them....almost.