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  1. He's the #1 pitching prospect in baseball irregardless of team and league, those don't factor in to his ranking. The universal DH hurts all NL pitchers. Having expanded rosters and relievers hurt a ton of starters, certainly most of the ones going around Gore's ADP too. Also I disagree with talking about absolutes as in "Any drafts post pandemic I doubt you get any return on an investment." It's going to be half a season or less of games. It's a pretty small sample size, almost any pitcher can over perform or under perform quite easily. If the Padres are in the thick of things? I'm still under the impression that based on talent Gore is already a top 5 starter for the Padres, perhaps 3-4, an injury vaults him up too. Paddack I'd clearly have over Gore for 2020, but the rest of the guys, I'm not that confident in at all. This is not a strong rotation despite some people saying it is. Everyone is unproven, and the only guy that I have any faith in is Paddack, a 2nd year player. Lamet/Richards could be good. Richards was good in 14/15. Since 2016, the 8 seasons between Lamet/Richards they have provided basically 0 good years. Counting on both of them to be studs in 2020 seems extremely optimistic. Luchessi and Davies are best case back end guys, Luchessi still profiles best as a reliever. There's certainly bust potential and maybe not worth the risk in 2020, but he definitley has the upside of being the Padres best or second best starter in 2020.
  2. Petco doesn't play like it use to, but sure it's still a pitcher's park. I'm not sure his price is that high this year, but I'm still likely avoiding because I'm not confident the upside is tremendous this year. If he has a rough year and his ADP is low next year with a guaranteed start in the majors, I'd be much more willing to dive in.
  3. Some of you might have a shot this year @Cmilne23 👀
  4. Negotiating is tough. Just like when trading with someone in fantasy. There are some people you can make a fair offer to and they will just say yes or no and others who you know no matter what will try to cut off from your asking price and lowball after. So sometimes you have to have the frustrating song and dance to get to the middle you always knew was most reasonable.
  5. I actually feel like if an agreement is reached, it might be similar to here.
  6. No they won't like it, they want to make more than 50% of their contract, not less. I agree, but it is what they technically asked for.
  7. I'm not sure it's the end point, but I'm seeing it as a rational response to what was asked. I would bet if there's an agreement it will be for more games and money still. The players wanted a pro rated amount plus they were concerned about Coranvirus safety. MLB has now given them their pro rated amount as well as technically made it safer by shortening the season. I'm not saying this is a great deal to be clear, but I do think the MLBPA has to now figure a way to word their demands better.. What can they say now? We want to play more games? That was offered.
  8. It seems like a reasonable counter? I dunno. They wanted pro rated amounts and they also offered expanded playoffs, so I don't think it's insulting.
  9. Self proclaimed non business owner explains business strategy. Thank you. The employees are not the competition.
  10. And many fans don't care about players, only the teams they support, and don't understand why players make a lot of money. People are much more comfortable complaining about how much Albert Pujols is overpaid rather than vast more players who are underpaid.
  11. I agree with most of what you said but I’m still unclear about how I factor Covid into any of it. Is going to a supermarket to get food less or more risky than playing baseball? These are healthy young men and while there are certainly risk, it’s not that high. There’s no guarantee there will be a vaccine in 2021 either, so like are they not concerned next year? Losing two years of earning potential as a baseball player is pretty detrimental , even just one for a lot of them. And if there’s a strike in 2022, that’s just going to wreak havoc on a lot of players career earnings. These are guys who worked their butts off to be the best in the world in baseball to earn money for a short amount of time. I respect that a lot , particularly because baseball and fantasy baseball are among my favorite things in life. I don’t view these guys as normal workers without ambition and dedication who should just suck it up and take their money. They earned it. If what they did didn’t matter we wouldn’t be discussing it. Basically half of one season earnings for players is lost to no fault of anyone in baseball. A player who is set to make 5 million pro rated would make 3 million under the current proposal. I’m not implying the proposal is good but like if you’re willing to risk playing for 5 but not for 3, it’s not about Covid risk imo. I also don’t get what someone like Gerrit Cole is thinking . Yeah he’s getting “ screwed” on making 8 million instead of 35 but he’s locked into a long term deal anyway. If he gets hurt in a shortened underpaid season he’ll be fine. Not sure how taking a 0 for the year is more beneficial to him or Trout. The players should get what they bargained for in contracts, but at the same time the owners are losing a substantial amount of money based on no fans. How much ? I don’t know . Are they exaggerating? Probably, but it is a lot and having games with no fans is not their fault. Ideally someone non biased could come in figure it out and everyone has to abide. But that ain’t happening. Personally I think the owners should step up and pay because it’s the right thing to do and they stand to benefit most from a healthy league , they will be around long after Trout retires. I’m not saying the players will or should cave but if we have no baseball this year , perhaps limited next year and a strike in 2022, a lot of players will regret it.
  12. A lot of people lower guys if they don't hit the ground running. I feel like Keiboom would be a really good value in a dynasty start up this year. In a redraft his value is just OK, could pop could need another year. I think the NL adding a DH greatly benefits him.
  13. I think if Mize never gets hurts he probably would have been a decent to really good pitcher in the majors last year. Gore is certainly the best guy to have in the minors in terms of pitching, but there's no sure things. Side note: I can't remember the last time the consensus top starter as a prospect at the beginning of the season set to debut that year actually was worth their ADP. Whitley, Bauer, Giolito, Archie Bradley all were pretty rough to own early. Whitley didn't even make the majors last year and some people were saying he should have been the TOP prospect. Not saying Gore won't be a stud but I'm absolutely not investing a premium redraft pick on him.
  14. I reread the first 3 pages of this thread, good stuff.
  15. Big time L for the people (and there were quite a few) who thought Kyler Murray should have honored his baseball contract. I like baseball A LOT more than I like football too. The system was broken before CV19, this is just exposing it more.
  16. Universal DH certainly opens up PT and gives him one more person to get injured to increase PT even more.
  17. Didn't expect to see Cooper propaganda out on May 19th, but it's a good day, why not? "Cruz, Judge, Alonso…Cooper? Cooper shows up here in a group of some of the game’s truly best power hitters, including both the American and National League home run leaders from a season ago, and in some cases, Cooper is better than them. Where Cooper “lags” behind is in terms of actual results, which I would guess can at least be partially explained by Marlins Park—as I mentioned before, I think Marlins Park sapped a lot of his power output." Could be more decent not playing in Miami this season.
  18. Age isn't the issue, it's mostly walks. Seems like he's going to have a solid career, but I wouldn't bank on him being a set it and forget it pitcher, especially early.
  19. It's not impossible, but chance or no chance, I wouldn't bet on Franco having a great fantasy year even if he did play. The Acuna/Soto rises felt differently. Doesn't mean he won't get there, just not sure it's this year. In fairness I guess I didn't see them having the big years as rookies as they did, but they both had better present power.
  20. World pandemic and I'm still riding the dansby swanson train with no mask