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  1. Do hoe much longer till this fool becomes an outright drop?
  2. Same here. Those are the league winning scoops, especially if you're either fighting to get into playoffs or already in playoffs (like I am) What a stud.
  3. I just wanna see him even hit 28mpg. The numbers would be really juicy, but with the current NBA it's so common for players that get a single injury to be load managed. Can't really drop the kid either because he'll get picked up. Just gotta ride this and use a streaming spot to pick up games
  4. After losing Oubre, getting him from waivers could be a saving grace. Better than just losing a guy who was providing 3rd round value on the season for you.
  5. Damn, didn't see that coming. He's been swiftly picked up in all my leagues tho RIP
  6. Watch someone claim him from waivers lol. In his return from injury he was putting up strong numbers in 20-25mpg; you'd be a fool to drop him when you're third
  7. You'd think a 7'3'' guy would be best at C, but I keep hearing he's a PF and having a laugh
  8. I'm only selling if I get a top 30 guy in return, and since no manager is realistically gonna give you that for him, you hold and watch the stats pile up
  9. Lines like last night is what I drafted this guy for.
  10. This is the exact same situation I'm in. Grabbed him after his first explosion before the ASB, and when he popped off vs. Toronto I knew he was back to stay. The ridiculous steals are quite welcomed too.