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  1. 5 TOs in 3Qs is concerning but the other stats are juicy
  2. What exactly is Brooks doing here? I don't see any news of setbacks with his foot so I'm slightly confused as to why Bryant isn't starting
  3. lol... owning this guy is just a rollercoaster but I'm happy he's even on the court after it seemed like he was destined for a shutdown situation just weeks ago
  4. Stop crying guys. We all knew there was injury risk with Porzingis. Hopefully it's a case of managing it and not having arthroscopic surgery that puts him out for months.
  5. This guy was on my DND list and I can't say I'm mad, but he sure is going on my target list depending on my draft strategies for next year
  6. lol I picked this kid up last weekend to stream him with my last add of the week, and his ROS outlook looks perfect with Teague gone from the equation.
  7. Can't wait till the blocks start coming from this guy. I'm fine with him having a management week or two quite honestly.
  8. Funny how mods comment on posts saying "should I drop x for Y" in player threads, yet stuff like this is all over player pages. smh
  9. A lot of the shots he missed were ins and outs. It happens. he's still a hold imo. You drop him, and enjoy seeing someone get his post-ASB explosion like last year
  10. I expect top 90 numbers ROS. Seems like Doc trusts him with the offence, and the minutes right out of the gates from injury are encouraging.
  11. How you guys take what BBM analysts say as gold is beyond me. They are there for advice and analysis based on their own metrics and knowledge. Ultimately if you make a move for a player, you have no one to look at but yourself. What a bunch of complainers ITT lol. Blaming Josh Loyd for you dropping a player like you were commanded by your daddy.
  12. What type of taco leagues do some of you play in???