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  1. So are we starting this fool this week or waiting a little?
  2. Giving the kid one more week to see how he performs will full practice. No sense in dropping now if you can hold him on your bench
  3. You trust him because Mostert is out, and when Mostert has been out this year he's delivered
  4. Really happy to have this kid on my team [...] He's got some great hands and gets separation downfield quite easily. The targets and yards are there, and with MGIII coming back it presents another dimension to the offence (especially with Lindsay being more of the north-south RB and MGIII doing receiving work). Even if the gamescript calls for more running, he'll get his targets.
  5. I'd definitely target Carson and throw in Drake to sweeten the pot, might be able to sneak in a 2-for-2 deal with that combo leaving you. Your WR core kinda average tho so I'd try to get Claypool thrown into the trade as the second player on the other guy's team
  6. I'm the MT side and am 0-5 I could use the RB depth but I'd like some advice. WHIR!!
  7. Hopefully one of those targets is for a TD
  8. Really looking to see what the chemistry is between him and Cam. For now he'll sit on my benches but I'm encouraged by the first game and potential for taking over as the lead rusher in NE
  9. He has an elite skillset and my season rests in his hands at this moment, so imma keep riding him till I'm mathematically out of playoff contention
  10. Wilson is waiver fodder. Mostert/McKinnon run this backfield. I expect a monster game from both if they both suit up vs Miami.
  11. I'm considering starting McKinnon over him in my flex at this point
  12. I'm definitely starting McKinnon over this fool. I feel even the lowly Jets will stuff him at this point
  13. You clearly didn't watch the last game. That fumble wasn't even on him. Handed to him poorly by Herbert and he was tackled before he fully even possessed the ball. He gets a pass for that imo