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  1. Why is it that all dynasty rankings have WR's more valuable than the best TE in the game?
  2. Love getting Zeke, but I'd try to move Ekeler and JuJu first to someone.
  3. I'd probably try out the Dalton/Cousins/Brissett stream for a bit. Bridgewater is a drop to pick up any of those 3. For this week I'd lean Brissett or Cousins over Dalton. Buffalo is tough against the pass
  4. Thanks. It’s kind of a lateral move to some degree but does let me put kelce with mahomes. I’m still on the fence with fear of Evans play to this point
  5. 14 team 0.5PPR 3 player keeper league You do this trade? My ertz and davante for his kelce and evans Adams is a 9th round keeper next year. Kelce is a 10th round keeper next year. I have mahomes too so it would stack mahomes and kelce for me. My other starting WRs are Kupp and Hopkins
  6. Well damn. Took 1.10 pick thinking Zeke would sign and still hasn’t. Still keep him at 1.10 or send him back to the wolves? keeping Chubb in 17th and Goff in 9th other options are Michel (6) Golladay (10) Samuel (17) OJ Howard (17)
  7. Flip a coin between Hill and Michel. Benefit to Michel is prospect of keeping him longer than 1 more year.
  8. You should be in good shape here. I love the depth 10 team leagues offer! You're basically set at RB1, WR1, RB2, TE and you have some nice pieces in place to fill the WR2 and flex spot.
  9. True there. Hard to throw Zeke back assuming he ends his holdout. We select our pick based on last year's results, so I could opt for a late 1st round pick to keep Zeke there and have an earlier 2nd.
  10. Goff, Chubb, Golladay seems to be the consensus Anyone else? Of course I didn't mention Zeke who's a 1st rounder.
  11. Kerryon and Ertz definitely top the value chart, but I could see the appeal in keeping CMC to ensure you get a top tier RB. But it's possible you can pick him back up at or around the same - $76
  12. CMC. Zeke could tank your entire season if he ends up not playing. I try not to ruin my chances in round 1. Take the safer pick