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  1. I agree. If he ends up being the best player out of the group, so be it. But to me Swift, Dobbins, and Taylor would all do just fine in KC's system and have a chance to add a true grinder ability when they are ahead and milking the clock.
  2. The safer bet is obviously Lindsay, and that's probably who I'd go with. But if you wanna hang the big brass ones out there go with Boone and roll the dice. LOL For what its worth, most rankings have Lindsay and Boone within 5 spots of each other this week. Thanks for the help on mine!
  3. I'd go Perriman for sure. The second one is a toss up. But I'd lean ARob.
  4. Pretty even to me but I'd go Miller, especially if Dak is slightly injured.
  5. Just as the title says, should I start Mike Boone over Mostert or Thielen? 1 PPR
  6. He has more uniform violations (3) than touchdowns (1).
  7. I have ClE and NO defense. Should I drop one for the Steelers? Their ROS schedule is awesome and they are #3 scoring DEF in my league.
  8. Hope he breaks loose so I can send out some horrible trade offers. Lol
  9. 12 team, 1PPR Trade away: DJ Moore, Ertz, Ronald Jones Received: Odell Beckham, Mark Andrews
  10. Just bought in on the Beckham train. That second half schedule looks NICE.
  11. No, it was a 4 game suspension and the Jets have only played 3 games and a bye. He will be available after this weeks game.
  12. Yeah I’ve been down this road where he’ll be active then only play like 5 snaps. Subbing in Richardson who should get a few extra targets because of it.