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  1. You guys will like this video... very intelligent player:
  2. He's always been pretty fantasy-friendly even back in Miami as he can actually get you some rushing yards. I remember he finished as QB1 for several seasons in 12-team leagues even though most people considered him a QB2. Well-deserved new contract. He completely turned their season around. I would've been very disappointed had they not rewarded him.
  3. What a disasters start for the Chiefs. Players are not focused.
  4. I always wonder what would happen if NFL teams sign a retired NBA player as WRs. NBA is a league that is the most selective in the US, and that's where all the top athletes play. A lot of these players have had high school football playing experience. For example, Calvin Johnson is probably the most physically gifted NFL receiver we've ever seen. I remember every week hearing about how strong he is, how tall he is, how he physically dominates his opponents. Calvin Johnson is 6'5, 236. In the NBA, he is equivalent to a shooting guard, such as James Harden (6'5, 220.) If NFL teams sign a flamed-out NBA player who might still care for an NFL paycheck, for example, Tyrus Thomas (I think he made too much to care for an NFL paycheck, but this is just an example - 33 years old, 6'10, 225) as opposed to AJ Green (31 years old, 6'4, 210), I wonder how it would play out.
  5. Singletary looks so good though, making positive plays out of nothing repeatedly.
  6. Well-earned. He's been so loyal to Miami.
  7. Lol there's a black Joe Thomas on the Cowboys... Did not know that