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  1. Chubb. There’s a chance Mattson plays and then you’d be kicking self . I have a similar one
  2. I had a lot of FA money so I picked up to block opponent . But would anyone have the stones to start either of Gordon/Chubb /Barkley
  3. I’m going perriman . I’d hate to miss a 10-130 TD and he’s capable
  4. I’m playing perriman . Would kick myself if I didn’t . I’m going perriman and Allen
  5. Boone and Conner . Jets have decent run d but I like the play
  6. Lockett R Woods Mclauren perriman full PPR - need to start 3
  7. I would do number 1 . Would do both honestly . I love 2 for 1 on my end
  8. Tough spot . Probably Murray since his value will go down thanks for help
  9. Gurley and hill and I don’t think it’s close
  10. Definitely not minshew id Jump and any opportunity to play a QB vs Tampa so I’d lean tannyhill
  11. Decline . take out one game and Evans is ranked in mid 30s for wr