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  1. I think you did well. You certainly set yourself up well at RB, but may have left yourself a bit weak at WR especially when AJ Green returns and if Allison doesn’t pan out. Overall I think you’ll do well
  2. I think you’ve set yourself up pretty well given the extremely deep keeper settings in your league. I’d say you’r pretty well setup at RB for the future and I like your strategy of trying to beef up WR as it’s not a position of strength especially the long term. Of the people you list on the wire, I’d say Edwards is intriguing.
  3. Thanks for your reply. If I were in your position, I would scrap Zeke with your first pick and only take him if he were available in rd 2 for you. I would add Connor and Chubb to that list ahead of Adams actually. With that set of Barkley, Kamara, CMC, DJ, Connor and Chubb; you’re all set to take one of them no matter how it shakes out. I just don’t trust the Zeke situation at the moment with negotiations again looking like they turned sour.
  4. I would trash Henderson and Ballage. Although intriguing to keep Henderson as a stash in case Gurley goes down, that whole backfield is kind of crowded after Gurley and tough to predict. With Ballage, I just don't have much faith in either Dolphins back, especially since the team looks to be very poor and in tank mode this year.
  5. In ppr, I would definitely go Cohen as I feel it's going to be a high scoring affair there.
  6. With this being a non-ppr would make this decision much easier for me, which I say to pass. I value RBs much more in non-ppr and being a die hard Giants fan, I love Barkley and love to have him on my squad, but I just don't see him producing numbers that much greater than Conner this year due to a poor Giants team. After that, I certainly prefer Carson over Michel in non-ppr so that makes it a no brainer decline. Maybe send a feeler out about how the other owner would feel with your kerryon and carson for a WR?
  7. I'd say Pettis as well. I would no doubt keep Allison and although the Titans stink, Davis should provide better than Pettis, who looked rough during the preseason and San Fran looked pretty inept.
  8. I think you did great, especially in a 12 team with a double flex. I truly can't see a questionable pick before #11 and even then, thats marginal. I think you may be able to package on of your flex depth and either Hilton or Kupp for #1 WR later on, but overall I think very solid! Nice work
  9. I'm in a 10 team .5 ppr league where I snagged Ekeler in the later rounds (see my team in sig) before the news that Gordon could seek a trade and also that he will not be playing week 1. The Gordon owner, on the other hand, must have been sleeping all offseason, because he took Gordon super early in the draft, did not pair that with either Chargers backup and also drafted Elliott, which puts him is a very tough position to start the year. The only other backs he has are Tevin Coleman and Royce Freeman. I feel I have a pretty solid RB set and think I could afford to part ways with Ekeler, which is where my question to everyone arises. What does everyone feel the value of Ekeler is at this point? Is it so high that I shouldn't think of trading him and should hold and play him? Or is his value at a point, especially to a needy Gordon owner, that I could maybe offer a package of Ekeler and Sterling Shepard for his JuJu Smith-Schuster. What's everyone think and am I reaching too much by going for JuJu? Thanks and leave a link for yours.