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  1. Also in this season you gotta take starts ASAP. Who says the Pats will even play this week? Take the TNF start
  2. Tbh one reason I'm 1-3 is Ive paid very little attention to fantasy (waivers) this year so my valuations are anchored in previous years. I don't really know where hop, chark, fuller, and sanders rank right now but looking at his team he could definitely use an RB2 a WR2 and a flex Improvement. If I were him I'd easily accept two guys ranked between 10-20 in their position + justin jefferson
  3. The big question is if this person understands his position or if they're going to stay married to the guy they picked first overall. 0-4 should be cause for desperation but especially if you guys are matched up this week. You and I would make a deal so easily lol
  4. Roster is: QB Cam, Fitzpatrick RB CMC, Taylor, Kelley, Damian Harris, D'ernest Johnson, Latavius Murray WR Michael Thomas, Darius Slayton, Curtis Samuel TE Mark Andrews
  5. I would definitely try to move Dak for an RB, but I'm not sure how many takers you'd get. At least in my leagues QBs are extremely devalued and I'd think the best you could do would be the RB25 or so. Still that could be worthwhile especially if you have Time and Cam is on FA
  6. I'm 1-3 and I've got some major depth issues, so I'm looking to offload CMC in a 1 for 2 or 3 type scenario. What combination out of the following list would be fair value? David Johnson, Mike Evans, Amari Cooper, Stefon Diggs, and Marquise Brown. All of those guys are starting for him except for Brown. WHIR, leave a link
  7. RB's are so interchangeable I can't even remember who Williams is here.
  8. I'm just here to say that I got my Tom Brady jersey on December 25th, 2001. Can I have a gold star now?
  9. And the thing your analysis hasn't even touched is how many of those top 24 RBs were drafted in the top 24? Or, better yet, how many of the top 24 drafted RBs were performing like that in weeks 14-16?
  10. I usually agree and I typically shy away from whoever last season's top guy was, though I view Mahomes a bit differently. I'm not about to look up any numbers, but I don't recall any QB having that big of an edge over the 2nd place QB, and the #1 thing I'm looking for in my draft is guys that'll be highly ranked in weeks 14-16 and I view Mahomes as one of the surest bets to be in that spot next year. Granted I do auction drafts so I'll still be able to grab a first rounder (or two) in addition to Mahomes if I want to, not sure how I'd plan if I were doing snake drafts (thank god I don't do snake drafts anymore though).
  11. I need Daesean Hamilton to get less than 49.2 in one league and I need Royce Freeman to get less than 74.6 in my other I'll see myself out
  12. I've got Chubb (and a blowout thankfully) but I thought it should've been 99 from the start. Didn't realize others saw this as well. That last carry right?
  13. I'd go with Fitz unless there's news later in the week that's positive for Gus.
  14. Can't you add Gabriel now and then make your claim adding davis and dropping Gabriel?
  15. I'd try to get more personally, tho I def see why you're doing it with your roster.