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  1. How about Spencer Turnbull? Lost a LOT of games last year.. BUT has some good stuff and started off pretty good. This will be just his second full year in the majors.. I know he wasn't a top prospect like Giolito.. but Stranger Things...
  2. All filled up..? Otherwise, I'd love to do it. NO off season!!
  3. Say it ain't so.. I need Paddack this week! 😄
  4. But doesn't he completely lost PT when Vlad comes up..?
  5. Was thinking the same thing... good for someone who wait a LONG time on a 3B. Like me.. 😂
  6. It's funny... last year this time, there were articles/comparisons to Jose Ramirez..
  7. Please help. Would you start newly activated Britton for the week... or one of these other less than stellar options. Matz @ ARI or Gasman vs MIA? H2H points league. Thank you!!
  8. I second this! Castillo is bad for pitchers everywhere he goes.. I have avoided all White Sox pitchers because of this! Good Luck Giolito!
  9. I get that and I agree.. but, couldn't it had been flat and hittable because he was still injured or still recovering from injury? I have heard many players say what a difference, a normal off season makes compared to a re-hab off season.. He has not had a normal off season since his first injury. I just to think, we can't say.. there is no chance he goes back to being a great/dominant pitcher again and the best we can hope for is serviceable mid rotation type.
  10. This kind of statement is really perplexing to me... why is there not much upside? A few years back, he was one of the best. He is not THAT old yet.. and appears healthy with not a whole lot of velo lost. Verlander looked washed up just a couple years ago and look at him now. There are many examples of pitchers that everyone had given up on that come back and impress a great deal once fully healthy. So I am curious as to why there is no upside? Quite a bit of risk.. yes! But I believe still plenty of upside.
  11. Cool. I hope I am.. care to elaborate why though?
  12. Anyone else VERY concerned about the effect Wellington Castillo will have on him, Bundy and any of the O's pitchers..? I really want to believe in Gas man and Bundy, but just can't because Castillo is a god awful pitch framer/receiver. Just look at ALL the diamondback pitchers last year. Am I way off here..??