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  1. Todd Gurley Baker Mayfield (pending new coach) Sony Michel This Gary Ward guy looks legit-ish One of the three - Gesicki / Fant / Herndon Sam Darnold (pending Gase fire/death)
  2. Focusing more on my real life work. I am doing some file cleanup on my laptop....holy hell....I have about 25 versions of fantasy football spreadsheets that I just deleted.
  3. Won a league twice with a 2 week playoff structure and championship was Week 16-17. It literally bit me in the a** once but it proved to be my saving grace another year. Guy I was playing against was playing all sorts of guys on the Pats and other teams that just had no business being in his lineup cause they were going to play a quarter and sit. I had a bunch of grinders and pulled off some epic comebacks. Week 17 championships are great if you want to add a bit of spice to the championship week....its for the forward thinking manager.
  4. In my championship team. Literally just about every single person. Lamar Carson Gurley Fournette Golladay Julio Kupp Tate Sutton Engram Denver Tevin Coleman Gallup
  5. This year I will remember all the research, spreadsheets, and RW FFB foruming that I did in order to be as dominant as possible in my two leagues. One of those leagues I came 9/12 and the other I came 3/10. Alas, there was a third and the most memorable league. I received a call while I was heaving back bourbon and playing rummikub with my parents on vacation - a league I retired from needed an additional player - I said 'No'...but then I said 'Yes'. I basically autodrafted and filled roster spots. I was the second highest scorer in the league (10 points behind first). The top two teams in the league played in the final and I was won of them. I grinded out a win. I barely changed my roster except for streaming DEF and Ks. I am going to retire from this league for good this time. Just like Gronk. I'm done doing too much research and taking my own personal takes on players - I just don't follow the game enough.
  6. Played TE roulette for a few weeks and now i am sticking with Goedert over Gesicki on my roster. The floor is just so nice.
  7. Are we concerned about the Niners D at all? Looks like they are very suspect at the moment.
  8. Team defenses could always get worse or better too....mind=blown
  9. I do not like owning JJ....I do not like it one bit. [...] .so...I made a haiku for him: I hate owning you Magical thirty point week I love you again