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  1. I am not going to believe what I saw today. How many practices have the Pats had in the past three weeks? I'm making excuses. However, Cam cannot be that bad. They have plenty of weapons to make the offense move. You can't have a QB throwing terrible passes like Cam was. Holy hell....he ripped a pass two feet behind someone running a cross......he flat out sucked. I am going to either sink or swim with Cam. Starting for the ROS.
  2. Not a lawyer or will pretend to know timelines of legal events preceding a court hearing. I would hope AB's agent and lawyers would have guided him appropriately on this. I'm going with that he is fine as long as he doesn't act an a**. Who knows though....AB is nuts and I am sure he hangs out with some strange kitties.
  3. Still coming back from injury. Negative game scripts. Reliant vet in place. Lots of reasons why his snaps are lint popping over 50%. I’m looking at three year trends while you are looking at three game trends. Russ had the piece of mind to give Dissly a TD look on his lone target. Jah. Says something, especially with the connection they already have. as I said. they go from smoke to fire very quickly. we have smoke.
  4. I say all this and I have no shares of him. It is close
  5. Two weeks ago was signs of life. Last week was signs of things to come. This might be the last week to get him super dirt cheap. Just saying. I think that this might get drawn out for another week or two but Russ is a gunslinger and he loves his Diss. The OC loves his Diss too. I'm loving the fact that Olsen can be out there in 2TE sets. I think that The Dissly makes the entire Seahawks offense get to another level. His presence will be huge.
  6. Just watched some of the highlights from last weekend's game and I am confused. I keep hearing how slow Gronk is. Well, the dude is banged up and older. However, Gronk always loooooked a bit sluggish, dude is 6'7" and strides it out. He made it to the back of that end zone pretty quickly last week....not sure what I'm smoking but Gronk looks like he might have a lot of juice left and could be emerging from knocking off all the rust. Brady + AB + Gronk reemergence = Titles.
  7. Brady getting another hand picked tool for him to dominate. This is big for the Bucs.
  8. For sure. He was in a similar situation last season with his health. He is a few games into the season behind last year, possibly the fact they have DK for receiving and Olsen to man the line and still be a capable set of sticky gloves. It only took about three weeks from Dissly to go from smoke to glass bending fire. Few quotes from the 2019 Dissly thread by dudewithabadcat - the premiere expert on Dion Lewis: " I see his floor being around 10-12 points per game (I don't think he hits his floor much when he is locked in). 5 catches and 50 yards seems like a reasonable week to week with this guy. I want to say that there is some quotes from the OC stating that Dissly being in the lineup "makes him more at ease" and (this might be where I am exaggerating) "opens up the offense). He is a serious talent and Russ is targeting him a lot when he is on the field. Let's just hope he stays on the field." "1. There is little to no competition for TE targets in the Seahawks offense. Yes, Vannett is there and I think Dickson (now it is Olsen, don't care) might still be lurking but they just disappear. 2. This guy has the coaches trust and Russell's trust when it comes to playing within the scheme and being a multi-dimensional TE - blocking and catching. 3. He is a big man with speed, hands, and intelligence 4. He hits the seams with speed - these are things that make Gronk and Kelce the beasts that they are 5. Again, he fits the scheme that the Seahawks want....run run run run playaction run run run playaction. He will be on the field 90%+ of the time if fully healthy. 6. Check out early last season numbers before he got injured. He was well on his way to being a Top 3 to 5 TE. For some reason, Wilson loves him. When Wilson loves you, it can be a beautiful thing 7. I still believe that there is a shortage of good receivers on this squad. DK is improving, Moore is coming back from injury, however the real solidified targets are Lockett and Dissly (DK was emerging last year so this statement could be false; DK was solid...nothing like now....anyways....not worried about all the mouths to feed.) 8. I expect that the Seahawks will pass a lot more, if they can. 9. The OC loves him. "
  9. Olsen is no Dissly. Olsen knows that. He is just playing his part for now.
  10. Oh. And Dissly is a bonafide stud when he is playing. Stays healthy and he is a top 3 TE
  11. I’m tempted to say that Dissly is gonna happen again. Might be a week or two out but Dissly is a Wilson favorite. When he plays, he gets peppered, like a pepper boy peppering a dinner plate for a real pepper lover.
  12. 'Carson is going to run like a man this weekend' - says dudewithabadcat every single week