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  1. Need Dalton, Boyd Mixon Eifert to Outscore Connor by 7.2 points
  2. Gotta role with Carlos Hyde in my flex hoping for the best
  3. Figures Graham heavily involved released him after his triple 0
  4. Gardner Minshew looked better against Titans with worse weapons
  5. I feel like he's a poor mans Andy Dalton with this coordinator.
  6. I have same decision i'm going other way
  7. Belichek would run up the score on his own kid. He would call for a bomb to flash in the 4th quarter with 5 minutes to play with a 20 point lead if he felt Jets were over playing run. Now he is irritated on top of everything else. Its a good time to be a flash owner
  8. You could do worse in an emergency you can never have enough good backs plus 49ers look real good with lots of opportunities for scoring. Im holding as my RB4 or Flex2
  9. my opinion as a Bengal fan I'd bet he's out their a week from Monday in Pittsburgh.
  10. what kind of trade value can I realistically get for him in a superflex league?
  11. It was still a 1 possession game also
  12. Cowboy are playing Dolphins and D's score more
  13. Superflex 1 PPR Def score more QB Rodgers Dalton Mayfield Start 2 RB Fournette Mixon Hyde Drake Ito Forman IR Start 2 to 4 WR Flash Boyd Mclaurin Djax start 3 to 4 TE Jimmy Eifert Def Seahawks Cowboys what tweaking would you do with this roster
  14. what would you do with this team Superflex ppr QB Rodgers, Dalton , Mayfield RB Mixon Fournette Hyde Drake Ito Coleman IR slot WR Boyd Gordon DJax mcclaurin TE Eifert Jimmy. DEF Sea Dal. The scoring systemof defenses almost rquire keeping 2
  15. A mistake free 301 yards + and 29 points out of the Jets. Chances 1 percent. Hey I got a chance